Keep Beer Production Flowing without Leaks or Mold

Feb 21, 2018 9:00 AM

Brewers turn to pre-insulated ABS piping system for secondary cooling needs


Owners of Solace Brewing Company wanted to install a cooling system for beer processing/production that would not leak and be easy to keep clean when they built their brewery. To accomplish this, they chose and installed the COOL-FIT corrosion-free, pre-insulated plastic piping system that can handle water-based coolants from 58°F to 104°F (-50°C to +40°C).  Solace uses the system to convey food grade glycol for secondary cooling of their beer production process. 

“With this pre-insulated piping system, you install it once and that’s it,” says Drew Wiles (above left with partner Jon Humerick). “You don’t need to go back later and keep making repairs,”

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