New Ball Valve Labels Improve Safety and Efficiency

Sep 12, 2017 9:00 AM
Valve Labels_DN50 (2)New labeling system from GF Piping Systems allows the user to easily customize valve labels with images and text, or use the convenient pre-printed labels with common symbols available online.

GF Piping Systems has announced availability of customizable labels for the company’s 5-Series Ball Valves.  The new labels can identify function, media, flow direction, hazards, or other instructions to improve safety and efficiency in the workplace.

Users can tailor labels with their own images and text or use the pre-printed labels with common flow-arrow or hazard symbols available online. Labels are chemical, weather and UV resistant, making them durable and long lasting. They are easily installed by simply replacing the valve handle clip with a transparent clip included in the kit.

The new labeling system offers an easier means of communication over typical improvised means like hand-written labels on pipes or stainless steel tags wrapped around the valve. With plenty of space on the label for imprinting information and symbols, operator instructions can be conveyed very clearly.  In pipe installations with multiple lines, identifying whether a line is water or acid becomes an added safety factor that can reduce accidents. The system can also be used to promote an OEM’s own brand or for private labeling.  

“It’s surprising that something as simple as a label could make such a difference in the workplace, not only for increasing operator and piping system safety, but also for improving operation and maintenance efficiency,” says Jeffrey Sixsmith, GF Piping Systems Product Manager for Valves and Actuation.  “Whether it is a ‘DO NOT OPEN’ safety label or a ‘CHLORINE’ identification label, the message is clearly visible right on the valve.”

Valve labels are compatible with GF Piping Systems’ new or existing manual Type 546 Ball Valves sizes 3/8”–2” (d16–d63), Type 543 3-way Ball Valves, and Type 523 Metering Ball Valves. Customers can order packages of transparent lever clips in four sizes and packages of 10 or 100 perforated print sheets in choice of four sizes.

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