NEW! NEMA Rated Compact Enclosure for 9900 Transmitter

May 3, 2016 9:00 AM

9900-Signet-EnclosureThe hinged rear enclosure (left) and flat rear enclosure (right) from GF Piping Systems, make it easy to mount the Signet 9900-1P Transmitter virtually anywhere.

GF Piping Systems introduces the Signet 9900 Transmitter Rear Enclosures.  Designed for complete flexibility, these kits include a hinged cover or flat cover that make it possible to mount the company’s Signet 9900-1P Transmitter virtually anywhere, including onto pipes, walls, tanks, struts, at angles or inside panels for waterproof protection.  Holes can be drilled on any enclosure side allowing even further flexibility for wiring in any orientation.

The Rear Enclosure Kits are compatible with all generations of the 9900-1P Panel Mount Transmitter and have sufficient room for all accessory modules (4 to 20 mA Output, Batch, Relay, Conductivity and H COMM). The enclosures are UL and NEMA TYPE 4X/IP66 rated for indoor and outdoor installations.

The Signet 9900 Transmitter, part of the SmartProTM Family of Instruments, provides a single-channel interface for multiple parameters including Flow, pH, ORP, Conductivity/Resistivity, Pressure, Temperature, Level, Salinity and more. An extra large (3.90” x 3.90”), highly illuminated backlit display and large characters reduce the risk of misreading or misinterpreting displayed values.  Other important features include relay and warning LEDs, an intuitive menu for easy programming, and plug-in modules that enable the unit to be easily adapted to meet changing customer needs. These versatile performance capabilities combine to make the 9900 well suited for a wide variety of applications including wastewater treatment, reverse osmosis, deionization, chemical manufacturing, metal and plastic finishing, fume scrubbers, cooling towers and media filtration.

Key Features

  • Hinged cover has two ½” tie-wrap slots for easy mounting onto a pipe
  • Hinged cover and clip make it possible to install the enclosure so the cover swings up, down, or side to side
  • Screw indicators in the hinged cover ease wallmount installations
  • Hole indicators on all sides of the enclosure make it possible to route wires in any orientation
  • Angled surface means the enclosure can be installed fl at or at an angle for easier viewing
  • Hinged cover design for easy access to modules and wiring