Direct Acting Pressure Reducing Valve

Direct Acting Pressure Reducing Valve - Type 1319/1339

(NSF Lead Free)

JRGURED 1338 mit Schatten LF

The Type 1319 and Type 1339 offer two distinct pressure control ranges. Both types of PRV’s include a mesh strainer and are compact direct acting PRVs.  The valves include a pressure gauge port standard on both sides; ideal when installed in confined spaces or up against a wall. Double union end connections are standard and allow for quick and easy installation. Standard bronze cover reduces corrosion of the internal spring and the elastomeric diaphragm self-compensates for wear over time.

The PRVs can accept water temperatures up to 158°F, and handle inlet pressures up to 357 psi. Accurate downstream pressure settings from 28–140 psi (Type 1319: 28-85 psi/Type 1339: 80-140 psi) can be easily adjusted to meet system hydraulic requirements.

The valve can be installed horizontally or vertically.

The valve is available in sizes ½” to 2 ½”.