Type EA15 Electric Actuator


The Type EA15 is a midrange electric actuator designed for open/close operation of rotary valves with relatively low torque.  Georg Fischer engineers packed this actuator with beneficial features that simplify trouble shooting, maintenance and setup such as the LED reinforced position/status indication, integrated heater, open/close feedback switches and 7-segment fault display. 

Product Overview

Technical Data:

Nominal Torque:

  • 10 Nm (7.4 lb. ft)

Peak Torque:

  • 20 Nm (15 lb. ft)

Cycle Time:

  • 5 s/90°

Duty Cycle:

  • 40%

Production Class:

  • IP67


  • 100-230V AC and 24V AC/DC

ISO 5211:

  • F05

Rated Cycles:

  • 150,000 at 70°


  • Integrated heater
  • Open/Close feedback switches
  • 7-Segment fault display
  • LED reinforced optional position/status indication
  • Glass-filled PP housing
  • 4-wire or 2-wire control capabilities
  • Integrated manual override



  • Internal fail-safe battery backup
  • Fail-safe board powered by external battery bank
  • Local control station