Type dEA Smart Electric Actuator

Type dEA Smart Electric Actuator

The Smart Electric Actuators Type dEA offer several beneficial features that improve an owner's ability to control and understand the current state of their actuators.  The dEA line offers all of the same user friendly benefits as the EA25-250 line, 7-segment error display, integrated heater and manual override but also offers a 360 degree light bar, wireless communication and local control.   The dEA can be controlled and setup via Direct Wifi though the GF Actuator app on a tablet or phone.  Though the app, users can also view historical/current toque signatures, current draw and cycle counts with the ability to set up alerts for any of these measurable quantities. 


Product Overview

Technical Data:

 100-230 VAC, 24 VAC/DC
Protection Class per EN 60529: IP67
Actuating Angle: Standard set to 90°, Max 355°

Rated (Peak) Torque Mdn:
 10 (25) Nm
Dutch Cycle: 100%
Mount per ISO5211: F05
Tested Cycles (20°C at Mdn): 250,000
Cycle Time per 90° Mdn: 5 sec

Rated (Peak) Torque Mdn: 20 (45) Nm
Dutch Cycle: 50%
Mount per ISO5211: F05
Tested Cycles (20°C at Mdn): 100,000
Cycle Time per 90° Mdn: 6 sec

Rated (Peak) Torque Mdn: 60 (120) Nm
Dutch Cycle: 50%
Mount per ISO5211: F07
Tested Cycles (20°C at Mdn): 100,000
Cycle Time per 90° Mdn: 15 sec

Rated (Peak) Torque Mdn:
 10 (250) Nm
Dutch Cycle: 35%
Mount per ISO5211: F07
Tested Cycles (20°C at Mdn): 75,000
Cycle Time per 90° Mdn: 20 sec



  • Glass-filled PP housing provides chemical, impact and UV resistance
  • Control via Direct WiFi
  • Setup via NFC (does not require power)
  • 360 degree light bar
  • Actuator status monitoring and alerts
  • Indicator light shows valve position from up to 50 feet away
  • Includes three limit switches and heater standard
  • Integrated speed control
  • Optional back-up battery module fits inside actuator
  • Error code display clearly identifies the status of the actuator
  • Solid state position sensing standard



  • Fail-safe return