Signet Specials Program

GF Signet has developed the Signet Specials Product program to provide modified standard Signet products to meet special needs of
specific applications.  Our Specials catalog offers detailed information of our most popular modified Signet products used throughout the
GF Global sales channel. 

Download the latest catalog to view the full product offering.

How to order

Customers must order from a local GF Sales company. GF Sales companies must order Special Order products directly from GF Signet. All quotes issued will have important reference information which must be submitted to the GF Signet Customer Service department when issuing an order.

Please send an email request to the Special Order Product Manager at

Terms and Conditions

Please read the following very carefully:

  1. Special Order products must be ordered directly from GF Signet only.
  2. Price is issued as a list price, your standard GF Signet discount will be applied.
  3. Lead-time for Special Order products is 4 to 6 weeks. (The 3-2774 family sensors could have extended lead-times of up to 9 weeks).
  4. All Special Order product orders must be accompanied with a:    
        • Non-cancellable Purchase Order
        • Reference the SAP Material
        • Quote Number
  5. Sales Companies are responsible for all freight charges to the final destination.
  6. All Special order products can NOT be returned for credit.
  7. Special Order products are not guaranteed to meet all standard part specifications. Verification testing of “special modifications” to determine conformance can be performed, and will be quoted upon request by the customer. To perform such a conformance test, specific requirements of fluid type and conditions of the media and piping system must be specified. Without this information, a determination of the time required and associated non-recurring testing cannot be determined. If testing is not performed, buyer agrees to accept the product as-is. The buyer will be responsible for any consequential damages due to suitability of use and installation of the provided products.

Signet Specials Catalog


The Signet Specials catalog provides details of modified GF Signet products that meet special needs of specific applications.


  • Choose from the most popular modifed products.
  • GF Signet can package your OEM's system products into a single package.
  • Application Assistance form to help you select the right product.