pH-ORP Buffer Solutions


The Signet pH buffers are ideal for many calibration requirements. The liquid solutions are conveniently packaged in one pint bottles; the powder pillows are packaged in low weight, single-use containers which can be mixed with water. All pH buffers are color coded for easy identification;
4.01 pH is red, 7.00 pH is yellow, and 10.00 pH is blue.

The pH buffers are traceable to NIST standards and certificates are available upon request. They are accurate to within ± 0.01 pH units @
25 °C and have long term stability.

These solutions are temperature sensitive and are provided with temperature correction values for the most accurate calibration. For applications that require ORP calibration, the pH 4 and pH 7 buffers can be mixed with quinhydrone powder for the correct measurement values of
264 mV and 87 mV respectively.

Product Overview


  • NIST Traceable
  • Easily identifiable color coded buffer solutions
  • Liquid or powder versions
  • Temperature compensated values
  • Kits for easy use


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