2759 pH-ORP System Tester


The Signet 2759 pH/ORP Simulator is a battery-powered millivolt generator that simulates pH values of 4, 7 and 10, plus ORP values of ±700 mV. This device is useful as a troubleshooting aid and for general verification of system operation. It is not a substitute for periodic system calibration with pH buffers or test solutions.

Accessory adapter cables (sold separately) enable the 2759 to connect directly to Signet 2760 preamplifiers, or 2751 pH/ORP Smart Sensor Electronics. The adapters include a selector switch for pH (3K or PT1000 Temperature Compensation) or ORP simulation. The switch triggers automatic sensor recognition software in Signet pH/ORP instrumentation.


Product Overview


  • Battery powered millivolt generator
  • Simulates pH and ORP values
  • High impedance input simulates preamplified signal
  • Verifies system functionality
  • Compatible with 2751 and 2760 preamplifiers
  • Connects to all Signet instruments
  • Verifies preamplifier or instrument electronics



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