Leak Detection Systems


GF offers three unique leak detection solutions to compliment the double containment systems: Fuseal Squared® PP, Contain-It™ and Double-See®. Leak detection monitoring is essential for underground and above-ground applications where hazardous chemicals are a threat to nearby surroundings. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) strictly enforces leak detection for underground and above-ground piping through the use of secondary containment with interstitial monitoring.

The 918Q Alarm box is a simple and low-cost leak detection alarm system for detecting leakages in a double-contained piping system. The alarm box handles up to four sensor signals with the ability to sound off an alarm in the event of a leak.

For continuous leak detection, GF offers the PAL-AT continuous cable leak detection system. PAL-AT is a microprocessor system with multi-sensing and remote monitoring capabilities.

Georg Fischer’s 12-point leak detection system uses 12 discrete inputs for individual point leak detection. This allows for pinpointing a leak to a specific connection point in the double-contained piping system.

Product Overview

Technical Data:


  • 918Q Alarm Box
  • PAL-AT Continuous Cable Leak Detection
  • Low Point Leak Detection

Standard Ratings:

  • 918Q Alarm Box: UL 913, CSA 157
  • PAL-AT Continuous Cable Leak Detection: UL (USA and Canada), ATEX and IECEx approved for Class I, Division 1, Groups C & D or Zone 0, Group II B locations


  • Float Switch
  • Level Switch

Fields of Application:


  • Underground and Above Ground Applications
  • Chemical Applications
  • Wastewater Treatment