Contain-It™ Secondary Containment


Industries have been assessed clean-up expenditures which far exceed the costs to install protective measures. When penalties and fines are added to the costs of cleaning up spills and leaks, it becomes obvious that industries have a legal and financial responsibility for protecting our environment.

Contain-It™ provides the necessary environmental protection at a fraction of potential clean-up costs. The system includes many features which yield benefits to the owner, engineer and installer.

The retrofit capability and chemical resistance of Contain-It™ makes this an ideal choice for containment piping of chemical process lines.

Product Overview

Technical Data:

Size Range:

  • 3" - 6"

Pressure Rating:

  • PN3 (32 PSI)

Operating Temperature:

  • 0°C - 60°C (32°F - 140°F)

Joining Technology:

  • Adhesive Joint

Standard Ratings:

  • ASTM D1784
  • ASTM D3034
  • UL 94
  • 40CFR80


  • Clear Polyvinyl Chloride (Clear PVC)

Fields of Application:

  • Secondary Containment Piping System
  • Chemical Process Line Containment
  • Corrosive Chemical Waste Containment
  • Petroleum Chemical Containment
  • New Installations or Retrofit of Existing System
  • Life Sciences
  • Microelectronics


  • New installations or retrofit of existing system
  • Fits over virtually any carrier system
  • Clear construction for visual leak detection
  • Outstanding chemical and corrosion resistance
  • Lightweight, easy to install




  1. Pipe and fittings for the secondary containment system shall be manufactured of clear unpigmented polyvinyl chloride, Contain-It, joined by injection bonding process, as produced by George Fischer, Inc. (or approved equal). All components of the system shall conform to the following ASTM Standards. D1784, D2152, D2412, D2444

  2. Contain-It system shall have pipe and fittings manufactured with SDR dimensions. The pipe shall be fabricated either solid or longitudinally split (the split pipe shall align via tongue and groove construction). The fittings shall be fabricated in two equal halves.



  1. When Contain-It is installed as part of a new piping system, solid pipe will be used. Properly sized Contain-IT centralizers shall be snapped into place along the carrier pipe at distances based on manufacturers technical catalog table. Solid lengths of Contain-It pipe shall be slid over the carrier pipe/centralizers. Split fittings shall be assembled over carrier system and held in place by stainless steel clips after the carrier system has been installed and tested.


  1. When Contain-It is installed as part of a retrofit of an existing carrier pipe system, split pipe will be used. Properly sized Contain-It centralizers shall be snapped into place over the existing piping system to be contained at distances based on manufacturers technical catalog table. Split pipe lengths shall be snapped together over the carrier pipe/centralizers. Split fittings shall be assembled over carrier system and held in place by stainless steel clips until bonding takes place. By using split type termination fittings, the existing carrier system can be completely contained without being taken off line.


  1. For above ground applications, visual leak detection/draw-off points can be installed by installing an inverted Contain-It Tee along the system piping run where shown on the drawings. The Tee shall have a drop leg of 8” with a Contain-It clean out plug installed at the base of the drop. The cleanout plug shall be fitted with a ½” threaded CPVC pipe and ½” threaded CPVC ball valve for draw-off of any potential flow (refer to detail on the contract drawings).


  1. For access to carrier pipe valves, install a Contain-It Tee over the valve location(s) along the carrier pipe. The offset section of the Tee shall be installed in the vertical position. A Contain-It female adapter shall be installed in the offset. The female adapter shall be fitted with a Contain-It cleanout plug. The carrier pipe valve handle shall be removed prior to installation of the surrounding Contain-It Tee. For access to valve, the cleanout plug shall be removed and an extended handle (provided by the valve manufacturer) shall be used to operate (open or close) the valve. All sections of the Valve Access assembly shall be bonded with the exception of the cleanout plug. Height of cleanout plug above centerline of carrier/containment system may be adjusted via addition of spool piece on vertical riser between Tee and Female Adapter (refer to detail on contract drawings for layout)


  1. The split pipe and fitting joints, when ready for final assembly, shall be welded together via the George Fischer Injection Bonding Process. This process requires the use of Contain-It two part adhesive being injected via manual injection gun, through a helix encapsulated mixing tip, into the injection ports located on the fittings and along the bonding seams of the split pipe lengths.


  1. Prior to installation, a GF approved training seminar for this product shall be conducted. Training seminar shall include all aspects of product installation (set-up, support spacing, proper dry fit pipe and fitting joining, bonding procedure, system testing, etc). At the conclusion of the training seminar, all installers will be required to take a certification test and, upon successful completion of said test will be issued a certification card verifying that they have met the requirements of the manufacturer with regards to knowledge of proper product installation/testing methods


  1. The system shall be tested in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations and directions. Contain-IT piping shall be tested using low pressure air within the interstitial space.



  1. The following spare parts are recommended and shall be supplied to the Owner by the Installer:
  • Two 4” Tees
  • Two 6” Tees
  • Two 4” Elbows
  • Two 6” Elbows
  • Two 4” Extended Couplings
  • Two 6” Extended Couplings
  • One length of 4” Split Pipe
  • One length of 6” Split Pipe
  • One Injection Gun (Manual)
  • One Pipe Clamp
  • Two Mixing Tips (Flex)
  • Set of Drill Bits

Information on locations available for purchase of Two Part Adhesive (Adhesive has one year shelf life and therefore it is not recommended that a cartridge be supplied as spare part)

Part Numbers / Dimensions