PROGEF® Natural PP


PROGEF® Natural PP provides economic and pure system solutions for chemical sanitized water application and abrasive fluids.

This unpigmented material has excellent resistance to particular disinfectants and chemicals.

GF is the only supplier who can truly offer a complete piping system solution for reliable slurry supply. This added value for our customers is maximized by using PROGEF® Natural for large diameter slurry supply lines, and SYGEF® PFA, our flexible High Purity Piping System solution for the smaller hook-up dimensions!

Product Overview

Technical Data:

Size Range:

  • d20 - d90 mm (½" - 3")

Pressure Rating:

  • d20 - d63, SDR11: PN10 (150 PSI)
  • d75 - d110, SDR17.6: PN6 (90 PSI)

Operating Temperature:

  • 0°C - 80°C (32°F - 176°F)

Joining Technology:

  • BCF Plus Fusion
  • IR Plus Fusion

Standard Ratings:

  • FDA CFR 21 177.1520
  • USP 25 Class VI


  • Polypropylene Random Copolymer (PP-R)

Fields of Application:

  • Pharmaceutical Grade water
  • Purified water for Life Science applications
  • Cost effective, pure distribution of Lab Grade DI water and critical biological fluids
  • Specified water applications in microelectronics
  • Chemical processes (i.e. Chemical Mechanical Polishing or Planarization)


  • Excellent resistance against certain disinfectants and chemicals (mainly alkaline solutions)
  • Ensures top quality water to USP standards
  • Translucence
  • High product quality
  • High temperature resistance
  • Bead and crevice free weldability


Part Numbers / Dimensions