IR Plus Fusion Machines


In infrared (IR) fusion joining the fusion areas of the components (pipes, fittings, valves) are heated to fusion temperature without contact to the heating element and joined by means of mechanical pressure without using additional materials.

GF Piping Systems offers a wide range of fusion machines – also for the mobile use and the workshop use. 

Product Overview

Technical Data:


  • d20 to d315


  • Appropriate materials for IR Plus Fusion: PP-H, PP-n, PE, and PVDF; PFA and ECTFE on request

Fields of Application:

  • Industrial Applications
  • High Purity Media
  • Use in Clean Rooms


  • up to 50% faster than conventional butt fusion
  • low risk of contamination (non contact to the heating element)
  • minimal, defined bead
  • entirely reproducible fusion
  • low-stress fusion
  • fusion factor over 0.95