Socket Fusion Machines


In this form of fusion joining, which requires heating tools, the pipe end is inserted into the socket of the fitting; no additional material is used. The pipe end and fitting socket are heated to fusion temperature using a heating bush and a heating spigot, respectively, and are then pushed together.

GF Piping Systems offers a wide range of hand and mechanical guided fusion machines – also for the field-use. The pipe end, fitting socket and heating tools correspond in such a way that the necessary joining pressure is attained during joining, resulting in a homogeneous joint.

Product Overview

Technical Data


  • d20 - d90 mm (½" - 3")


  • Appropriate materials for Socket Fusion Jointing: PP, PE, PVDF, and PB

Fields of Application:

  • Gas and Water Distribution
  • Industrial Applications
  • Building Technology


  • Compact, sturdy design, distortion-free machine bed
  • Handwheel with torque locking mechanism for the slide movement
  • Fast selection of insertion depth according to the pipe dimension
  • Short fusion time