2744-2747 Differential pH-ORP Electrodes

High performance for industrial heavy duty applications

The GF Signet 2744-2747 Differential pH/ORP process electrodes are built with superior glass formulation, 3-electrode differential design and protected reference electrode housed in a glass half-cell to withstand extreme pH conditions, elevated temperatures and poisoning ions. These sensors are suitable for continuous monitoring of pH and ORP in a wide range of heavy duty applications.

2744-2747 Differential pH/ORP Electrodes

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The Signet 2744-2747 Differential pH and ORP electrodes are high performance sensors built with the DryLoc® connector, a Ryton® body, and PTFE reference junction to handle the most extreme and harshest of chemical applications.


  • Differential design for stable measurements in the most aggressive applications
  • Long service life even in severe or difficult chemical applications
  • Memory chip enabled for access to a wide range of unique features when connected to the Signet 2751 pH/ORP Smart Sensor Electronics
  • High performance glass that can withstand high pH caustic media as well as elevated temperature applications
  • Ryton (PPS) body for broad range of chemical compatibility


  • Plating Baths
  • Surface Finishing
  • Plant Effluent
  • Effluent Monitoring
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment
  • Scrubbers
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