Micro Electronics


Within the micro-electronics industry GF’s SYGEF PVDF is the only material that can meet the low levels of trace contamination requirements for today’s market as well as the next generation products while providing the sizes needed to carry the ever increasing volumes. When you couple this with our certified training and installation design knowledge, GF provides the necessary help to our customers to maximize cost savings through the life the liquid handling system. GF also provide input on the most efficient installation and maintenance practices, resulting in an overall system quality that is second to none and meets or exceeds the standards now and in the future.

With 1000’s of projects and 25 years of experience GF has achieved a leading role supporting the highest quality Fabs in the micro-electronics industry. As the complexity of the industry has increased GF has gone from being the leader in But UPW applications to being the leader in non-metallic fluid handling solutions. is not the only fluid that GF has key advantages.  Polyethylene (PE) is theWith more than 17 materials of construction in our portfolio, GF is uniquely positioned to provide the best material choices for any of the fluid handling requirements for current and future generation Fabs.

Large Diameter PVDF and PP piping


As the industry moves to larger Mega Fabs, significantly greater water volumes are required. As the water standards continue to drive the purity levels lower, GF SYGEF PVDF continues to meet the challenges for conveying UPW and HUPW now, and in future generation processes. With flow rates exceeding 3000 GPM (680 m3/hr), current commonly available sizes of pipe do not meet the flow and pressure drop requirements of next generation Mega Fabs. In order to support these Mega Fabs GF has increased its product offering to include sizes up to 450mm (18in) in SYGEF PVDF and 500mm (20in) in PROGEF Polypropylene.  This guarantees that GF will be properly aligned with the micro-electronics industry and continue to meet the requirements of the Mega Fabs of the future and support the ever increasing processes required by industry advances.

Large Scale PCW


Within modern Semiconductor Fab’s, current critical manufacturing processes require extremely demanding temperature control parameters, often with maximum temperature variation of +/- 0.5oC.  Due to the large number of process tools in operation within a Fab a tremendous amount of cooling is required. As end users have moved away from PVC; the material of choice for PCW for many years, to SS for both PCW supply and laterals, costs increased significantly and it became necessary to add secondary insulation to the piping systems. The use of secondary insulation over time has proven to be both expensive to install and can be a particle generator in a clean sub Fab. The introduction of GF’s EcoFit PE100 now provides end users a material of choice that is easy to install, cost effective and extremely durable, when compared to other plastic piping materials. The excellent thermal properties that plastic provides over metal can also minimize the requirement for secondary insulation to prevent sweating. Additionally, EcoFit PE100 is a non-corroding piping solution that, with no iron and its smooth inner surface, can significantly reduce bacterial generation in the PCW system.

Application Areas:

Makeup system

UPW treatment and distribution

UPW reclaim – collection and distribution

PCW – distribution

General Wastes – collection

Specialty Wastes – collection and treatment


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