The safe and efficient operation of ships and offshore drilling platforms are essential for the world’s economy and preventing corrosion is more important in marine applications that anywhere else due to the constant exposure to wind, rain and saltwater. These very harsh conditions can put extreme stress on structures, housing, supply lines and critical operational systems. The pipelines for hot and cold water, effluent and greywater, rain catchment and chemical distribution are particularly affected, internally and externally, by corrosion as well as incrustation.

With GF Piping Systems, corrosion is no longer an issue. The solutions from GF Piping Systems warrants the safe conveyance of drinking water and other process fluids – without altering their quality in the least. Cost-effective and high-quality, plastics are your right choice when corrosion and performance are required, and GF will be your partner in working to increase production by reducing maintenance time and overall operational cost.

Hot and Cold Water Distribution


Our INSTAFLEX (PB) and AQUASYSTEM (PP-R) systems in combination with iFIT are ideally suited for drinking water distribution on all types of ships. Cabins, kitchens, restaurants and bars are optimally supplied with fresh water. The high flexibility of the PB material and the easy installation technology cut time and costs to a minimum.

With INSTAFLEX (PB) it is possible to pre-fabricate pipelines in coils, up to 70 m including all the outlets. Flexibility branch positioning with welding saddle of AQUASYSTEM (PP-R). These are then installed in the decks and connected to the cabins with the iFIT system. Our hot and cold water distribution solutions are system-related and therefore ideal for new builds, renovation projects and the repair of conventional systems. The high quality plastics PB, PP-R and PPSU are guaranteed corrosion-free and have a very long service life.

Sea and Fresh Water Cooling Refrigeration below 0°C / AC Cooling


ABS with or without Armaflex NH is the perfect solution for fresh or sea water cooling, for instance in fish processing plants. In standard practice, cold water distribution networks are susceptible to corrosion – both from the inside as well as from the outside. ABS is a corrosion and incrusta­tion-free material that is also free of halogens. Noted for its applications at extremely low temperatures, -40°C to +60°C, this material is particularly suited for these distribution systems. No fusion or soldering required. The time-tested cement­ing technique renders the system easy and safe to operate. Due to the low weight of the plastic, it is also fast and practically effortless to install.


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