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GF Piping Systems has been the leader in providing polymer piping for both the process water and special waste conveyance systems for the Life Science/Institutional market for over 30 years. We are the only manufacturers offering truly complete piping options to the specification engineers and building facilities personnel.

Our Sygef® PVDF, Progef® PP (Natural and Standard), PPRO-Seal™ PP and Harvel® LXT process water piping systems offer the widest range of RODI water conveyance options in the industry. Our BCF (Bead and Crevice Free) and IR (Infra-Red) material joining offerings for our Sygef® and Progef® systems remain the preference for installation within the Life Science Market. Facility/End-User concerns with extractable/leachable contamination of process water flow streams and dead-leg effects on water quality are issues that become of limited concern when GF Piping System products are installed.

Regarding the special waste piping system requirements within the Life Science Market, GF offerings of Fuseal®PP, Fuseal 25/50™, Fuseal® Squared, Contain-IT™ cover the widest range of availability for options for safe conveyance. We also offer packaged neutralization systems for installation within facilities where pH discharge levels are regulated by authorities having jurisdiction.

Within the last ten years GF Piping systems has extended their range of offerings for the Life Science Market with the introduction of our Double-See™ secondary containment full pressure rated piping system (chemical transfer, water treatment) and our ecoFit industrial polyethylene piping systems (chilled water, process cooling water).

Our technical support team is available to assist in all phases of system design and layout.

Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research, Cambridge MA


Many construction challenges arise when building a 550,000 sqft Biomedical facility and the ability to design and install a laboratory grade DI water system shouldn’t be one of those challenges. During the construction of Novaris Institute’s biomedical research facility GF personnel provided technical support to the engineering and contracting team(s) and on numerouse occasions closely assisted during the design and construction phases of this project. During installation, process pipe design changes, structural encumbrances interfering with the proper joining procedure for the RODI, were problems for which GF personnel were able to provide key technical assistance and fabrication of customized assemblies to ease in piping system installation.

University of Tennessee – Joint Institute for Advanced Materials, Knoxville TN


When the university of Tennessee launched the construction of a 140,000 sqft research facility, the generally accepted method for laboratory grade RO water distribution included the use of connections that facilitated the existence of dead-legs up to the point of use. When given the opportunity GF personnel and their vast technical and design knowledge of assisted in the re-design of the RODI piping system layout incorporating GF’s IFD (inline flow diverter) technology and custom POU (point of use) zero dead-leg assemblies for an intricate laboratory piping layout using ceiling boxes for utility connections.

These system layout changes as proposed by GF, alleviated facility dead leg concerns, reduced the total amount of piping (in total feet) runs per initial design and also provided efficiencies that allowed for the step down in pipe sizing from the original design.


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