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GF Piping Systems has been supplying plastic piping for secondary refrigeration systems in supermarkets since 1995. Over 500 supermarkets are now functioning perfectly all over the globe in countries such as Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Portugal, UK and USA. Although plastic has primarily been used in MT systems with glycol, since the introduction of the pre-insulated COOL-FIT ABS system, LT systems can now also be installed with no danger of corrosion or condensation build-up. The use of secondary fluid systems in supermarkets is growing world-wide. Consumers have become increasingly aware of environmental issues and now more frequently take the ecological effects of what they buy and where they buy into consideration. Buying patterns are changing. This consumer trend coupled with environmental action and a law coming into place as a result of the Kyoto and Montreal Protocols is causing supermarket chains to be far more aware of the energy balance and environmental impact of the plants they build.



Breweries and wineries the world over are frequent users of glycol or salt secondary refrigeration systems. GF Piping Systems has a long list of references and repeat customers from craft brews, such as, Dog Fish Brewery to the large scale operators like Sierra Nevada and New Belgium breweries. The common denominator in these cases is that the end-users recognize the efficiency and maintenance benefits of a pre-insulated vapor and water-tight all-plastic system. GF Piping Systems supplies these and many other brewery industry leaders in the world and has been involved in Greenfield site projects as well as many retrofit maintenance and plant extension projects.

Cold Stores


GF Piping Systems has a long history of successful projects in the cold store and distribution business. Most often, COOL-FIT and all associated products are used in normal-temperature cooling warehouses for the storage and distribution of fruits, dairy products, vegetables and meat. Whether in large single room cold stores or multi-temperature warehouses, the advantages of this complete plastic system are manifold; simple, cost -effective installation, reliable low-maintenance life span, top quality insulating properties. Low-temperature, secondary freezing cold stores (fluid temperatures -25°C to -33°C) use low-temperature salt brine solutions as an alternative to large charges of primary refrigerant. The financial benefits of a secondary system store also apply to the insurance premiums for such designs, which should be far lower than a DX traditional store.


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