Energy and water are becoming scarcer and therefore more valuable resources. As a direct consequence of this development, a sustainable management of water and energy resources is increasingly important throughout all industrial segments and in private life. 

As a leading supplier of complete solutions in plastic, GF Piping Systems sees transport and distribution of water and greater energy efficiency as the main challenges for the future. 

Outstanding material properties and innovative system solutions form the basis for environmentally friendly, sustainable and, at the same time, cost-efficient, long-term performance.

Our global presence ensures that we are close to our customers, such as owners, contractors, consultants, distributor partners and installers. Sales companies in over 30 countries and representatives  in another 80 countries provide service around the clock. With 50 production sites in Europe, Asia and the USA we understand market needs, such as local standards. We ensure the highest product availability and short delivery times. GF Piping Systems specialists are always close by.

Conventional Power Plants


Today’s conventional power generation is extended by innovative new developments.  Our many different engineered piping systems contribute to the efficient and safe operation of conventional power generation with fossil fuels or nuclear sources.

Renewable Energies


Generating energy by means of renewable natural resources is a dynamic sector with high growth rates and international focus, contributing to sustainable energy production for the future.  GF Piping Systems offers a wide variety of systems for applications in water and chemical treatment processes, maximizing safety on site.

Pioneering Algae / Energy Storage


GF Piping Systems recognized the need for innovation early, as the micro-algae industry began to bloom. Clearly, the critical component of any photo-bioreactor system… whether in the horizontal or vertical configuration and whether for indoor or outdoor cultivation… is the reactor tubing itself.  GF solutions include tubing transparent enough to pass useful light, such as the renewable energy of the sun, without premature damage by UV and without allowing precious algae to be easily scorched by other harmful wavelengths.  And the balance of the vast GF Piping Systems portfolio is perfectly suited for the many harvesting applications downstream of cultivation.     


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