PEX-B Piping Systems

  • They are flexible heating and cooling pipe systems made from cross-linked polyethylene.
  • In GF Hakan Plastik, the crosslinking process is carried out with silane method (Pex-b cross-linked polyethylene).
  • From hot and cold water distribution systems to underfloor heating systems; overfloor and underfloor.
  • Comply with EN ISO 15875-2 and DIN 16892 system standards.
  • Available with or without spiral jacket pipe.
  • They are produced in two different manners for the pipes at the diameters of Ø16, Ø18, Ø20, Ø25 and Ø32 mm and fittings thereof:

          - Standard PEX-b Pipes

          - Oxygen-Barrier PEX-b Pipes

  • By preventing oxygen diffusion into the water carried inside piping system;

          - Prevents micro-organisms formation and reproducing; and therefore, ensures safety in terms of hygiene.

          - Prevents the corrosion of the metallic parts such as boilers and radiators in the heating system; and                          therefore, ensures longer service life of heating components in the whole system.

  • Quick and easy connection and installation with the threaded compression fitting incorporating a split O-ring and a nut for connection mechanism.

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