Careers at GF

As a globally active and widely diversified corporation, GF relies on dedicated movers and shakers from a variety of fields. But they all have one thing in common, namely a passion for innovative technology, working in international teams, and a hands-on work environment.

GF Hakan Plastikte Kariyer
Training and Development

Joining the world of GF Hakan Plastik means taking a step into a bright career in one of the biggest and the most successful companies in the world. We are aware of the importance and necessity of training and ensuring development of our employees in order to ensure continuity of the worldwide prestige of our company. Our training programs are designed with contents that will enable our employees and our company to improve themselves in the best and fastest way by adapting to the changing conditions in the world. With the special trainings planned for you, you will access to all necessary technical and business information, increase your personal skills and ensure continous improvement. Based on the unique knowledge of GF Hakan, this improvement will place you one step ahead of your rivals in the business world. 

Application & Career Journey

Don't you want to be 1-0 ahead in your career?  As GF Hakan Plastik, we would like to offer this opportunity to you and to walk on this long path together. Achieving our targets depends only on the highly-motivated emploees achieving their individual and team targets. As GF Hakan Plastik, we aim to develop the skills of employees with modern and strategic Human Resources approaches and to provide a creative corporate culture while we develop integrated solutions and services that increase living standard and produce “the best'' and ''the first'.  Our starting point in human resources approches that will convey our Company to the future is our principles and values as well as business ethics and occupational health and safety and laws. 

Internship Opportunity at GF Hakan Plastik

High School Internships

  • High school internship applications are accepted in May-June, and the internship is done between September and June, which is school term.
  • In coordination with Human Resources Department, interns and intership day requests are determined within the Company in April every year.
  • The Provincial Directorate of National Education and the relevant school directorates are informed about the need for interns identified through the need identification form completed by Human Resources Department in May.
  • Vocational training contracts of the students that will do internship are sent to Human Resources Department by the relevant schools within the beginning week of the school term, and the internship process is initiated.
  • In the first week of the internship, Company Orientation program which includes introduction about Company and its practices is implemented to students and then, they start working in the relevant departments to gain experience.  


University Internships 

  • Summer internship applications are accepted in April.
  • Applications are assessed in line with the requests from our departments, and after Company orientation program is implemented, the students start working in the relevant departments to gain experience.
  • Applications are assessed according to the preliminary criteria and the eligible internship candidates are selected.
  • Our preliminary selection criteria are as follows:
  1. Success level of student
  2. Relevance of the department, where the student does internship, with the business processes of the company
  3. Interns quota
Opportunity of Being a MT at GF Hakan Plastik

MT Program is term used to describe our 'Management Trainee' program implemented at our company for 4-year university graduates. Currently, MT Program is a big opportunity for “Generation Y” youth. Our company provides new graduates with consultancy and all other opportunities required to adapt to business life during this process. 

It is very important for us if university graduate youth who has recently started the profession shapes their future properly, feels happy and motivated, ensures high productivity and works in the most appropriate department for them. 

Management Trainee Development Program covers 1 year process. A special orientation process is prepared for the candidate, and the program is implemented at various locations within GF Hakan Plastik.
The candidate conducts a project study for 2 months at the end of the program prepared for him/her. The candidate who has completed the project study successfully and delivered his/her project file is placed in the appropriate position.

The general conditions for being MT at GF Hakan Plastik are as follows:

  • Graduated from universities providing 4 year formal education
  • Career target in plastics sector,
  • Being in the age range of 22 to 27
  • Very good knowledge of MS Office applications
  • Being a team player with strong communication skills
  • Willingness to learn and develop
  • Very good command of English
  • Completed or postponed military service for minimum 3 years for male candidates
  • Being open to career opportunities of GF Hakan Plastik at various location

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