The complex task of securing drinking water

Securing hygienic drinking water remains a challenge - not only for emerging countries but also for highly developed industrial nations with relatively new buildings. At the same time, the legal stipulations for hygiene and environmental protection are increasing, while the desire of consumers for safety and comfort are also on the rise along with the costs for energy and maintenance.


The greatest challenges of building technology
The requirements for the drinking water installation as well as the temperature control and air conditioning of residential and commercial buildings are increasing. For the owners and operators of those buildings it is very important to implement projects on time and within the given budget, to lower construction and maintenance costs. At the same time, they need to comply with the increasing standards for energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable construction and building management. The great variety of national specifications, new laws and ordinances constitutes a special and constant challenge.

How to overcome these challenges:

In case of issues or questions, you need your supplier to be available locally for the best support
Our presence in 34 countries, which makes us familiar with the local requirements and allows us to respond quickly to the latest trends and regulations. GF Piping Systems invests heavily in research and development, carries out some of its tests in its own laboratories, and cooperates closely with a network of institutions, associations and public offices. This allows us to quickly respond to market trends.

One supplier to ensure lower risks and higher efficiency for your entire process
Our portfolio, containing more than 60,000 products, allows us to address a great variety of demands; comprehensive system solutions help operators, planners and fitters to implement their projects in line with their requirements and budgets in a future-ready way.

By your side – from planning to ongoing support
We offer support in every project phase, starting from the planning stage, including the calculations and selection of products. Equally important is our presence at the construction site during installation, to instruct the fitters in how to handle our systems, to offer them training and ongoing support. At the same time, our product development is focused on facilitating the work of planners and fitters, i.e. to offer innovations as solutions to their daily problems. In particular in countries in which fitters do not have the same level of professional training as in Europe, such as most developing markets, the installation and commissioning must be as simple and error-proof as possible. Our knowledge platform "Building Technology – Plan, Build, Operate" offers comprehensive practical knowledge for the entire service life of a building in digital form with an intelligent search function. It contains all relevant information concerning the building technology products by GF Piping Systems, including their use, installation and maintenance. This area also includes our BIM libraries that support planners and fitters in their daily work. 

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Applications for Building Technology

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