Leading edge piping system for mission critical cooling

The energy consumption for cooling a data center is 50% of the data centers total power usage. It is mission critical for the data center and must be completely safe and reliable. GF Piping Systems can help optimize the energy efficiency of the complete cooling plant with plastic piping systems. COOL-FIT using high efficiency factory manufactured insulation can improve the heat transfer via the pipe system by 25%.

GF will be presenting its solutions at several data center fairs in 2019. Innovations such as the pre-insulated complete plastic COOL-FIT 4.0 piping system and the extensive services GF offers to help ensure a smooth design and installation process. To ensure the ever shortening project time-lines are held, GF offers a comprehensive off-site pre-fabrication service, to remove work processes from the site, increasing quality of workmanship and reducing on site work to a minimum.

The servers in data centers are increasing in power usage, increasing the amount of heat generated per footprint. Hence the demands made on the cooling plant are also increasing accordingly. 50% of the power usage and hence energy costs in a data center are from the cooling plant. The end user has a high focus to reduce these costs whilst at the same time reducing the CO2 footprint of the data center. At the same time, they demand the highest level of reliability throughout the entire life of the cooling plant in order to eliminate technical failures and down-time.

Planners and installation technicians are under considerable time pressure when installing new plants and modernizing existing ones. The construction sites are often located in geographically remote areas and local regulations regarding energy efficiency or water protection, for example, must be observed. Project delays often incur high contractual penalties and must therefore be strictly avoided.

"The systems of GF Piping Systems make it easier for all parties involved to install or modernize data centers faster", says James Chandler, Head Project Manager at GF Piping Systems. "They improve energy efficiency significantly compared to other systems and allow maintenance-free operation throughout the entire service life" Planners and installation engineers gain more assurance during the planning process, installation and in meeting completion deadlines. Local requirements regarding energy efficiency, water and environmental protection are easier to achieve.

GF Piping Systems supports all parties involved in the successful development and operation of the carbon neutral data center of the future.

  • Technological leap for cooling: COOL-FIT 4.0
    The complete system made of factory pre-insulated pipe, fittings and valves is up to 30% more energy efficient than metal systems using traditional insulations post-insulated. It is ideal for secondary cooling at temperatures ranging from –50 °C to +60 °C, pressure rating PN16.

  • Durable under all conditions: ecoFIT
    The durable piping system using PE-100, has excellent impact resistance under all climatic conditions. Very good chemical and abrasion resistance even at high process temperatures, cost-efficient with comprehensive delivery program.

  • Worldwide project support: Engineering-Services
    Experts check the design of the piping system, provide support with the choice of materials and components as well as with the correct installation. 60 years of experience with plastic systems help customers to reduce their own risks.

  • Faster commissioning: Off-Site Fabrication
    GF Piping Systems shortens the time period from the planning stage to the commissioning by means of off-site fabrication of framed modules which are simple and easy to install on-site. This means that projects can be executed cost efficiently and to schedule.

  • For reliable system control: Valves and Actuators
    Thanks to virtually maintenance-free valves with pneumatic or electrical actuators it is possible to automate the installation in the data center. This allows more effective deployment of staff and lowers costs.

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