Track & Trace Service

La manera inteligente de manejar sus activos

Comprehensive app & web platform

  • The better way to manage your jobsite installations
  • Use several entry points and upgrade options
  • Preplan your work before its started

Enables more effective installation management

  • Eliminate your paperwork and simplify planning
  • Live monitoring of your installation progress
  • Share views to enable smart decision making

Promotes quality installation

  • Document your welding procedures, jobsite notes, photos
  • Understand your field asset behavior
  • Track your asset data from your office

Easy and reliable data management

  • Record and archives your work- and welding-data
  • Use geo positioning and online planning platform
  • Monitor your asset and optimize future plans

The most important features at a glance:

GF Track & Trace - The smart way to manage your assets
  • License
  • Cloud storage
  • Project management
  • XL 100 users
  • S 30 users
GF Track & Trace Service - License
  • QR scanner
  • Synchronized to cloud
  • Collection of all job data
  • Photos / Notes
GF Track & Trace Service - Trace App
  • Jobsite data synchronization
  • Jobsite monitoring
  • Secure platform
  • Full access
  • Geo mapping
GF Track & Trace Service - Platform
  • QR code
  • GF products
  • Unitary QR code
  • Full traceabilty
  • Online live access
GF Track & Trace Service - QR Code
  • MSA compatibility
  • Welding certificates
  • Geo position +/- 10cm
  • Server synchronization
GF Track & Trace Service - Traceability
  • Document synchronization
  • Quality assurance
  • Example: GF NDT Certificate
  • Cloud storage
  • Peace of mind
GF Track & Trace Service - 10 Years Warranty

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