Berlin-Brandenburg Network renews 68 Kilometers of large Gas Lines

The importance of energy has increased greatly in recent years. Now more than ever, such topics as energy production and supply security are the focus of politics and society. For operators of gas distribution networks, the safe, trouble-free and efficient operation of their network has top priority.


Periodic maintenance and continual expansion of the network infrastructure are prerequisite to securing a regional and supra-regional gas supply. With a distribution network of 10,232 km, the Berlin-Brandenburg Network (NBB) is one of the largest local network operators in Germany, ensuring faultless grid operation in over 100 cities and communities in Berlin and Brandenburg. Over a period of 15 years during which approx. 68 km of large-dimensioned gas lines are being renovated in the region around the capital, GF Piping Systems was chosen as the experienced partner for the piping installation.

Development of a shut-off technique for laying large pipes up to d 450 mm

The particular work conditions on the gas pipe network construction sites, such as frequent changes of location, the interaction of diverse trades, difficult weather and climate conditions as well as the risk of injury from gas leaks when working on gas lines during normal operation, require taking special safety precautions. For working on large pipe dimensions up to d 450 mm with an operating pressure of max. 1 bar, a safe temporary shut-off technique is essential. Such a technique was developed by GF Piping Systems in cooperation with their partner Hütz + Baumgarten. Besides the shut-off technique, which is indispensable for safety, another factor that led to the choice of GF Piping Systems as supplier was the company’s expertise in PE system installation. The proven electrofusion and butt fusion methods make it possible to realize a very high and especially consistent level of joint quality. Adherence to all the required fusion parameters – thanks to the automated hydraulic control, reproducibility and monitoring of the fusion process – is but another of the many technological benefits in the successful realization of this project.

Individual training as guarantor of quality

The state of development of the fusion machines and PE systems guarantees reliable implementation and permanent technical valuation of the quality specifications for installation. Certified training and continuous implementation of training activities are additional milestones in regard to quality assurance. Specialists from GF Piping Systems inform course participants about the pipe material polyethylene, the fusion method and other important features of the ELGEF Plus large sockets.





System and product selection:

  • GF 500 CNC butt fusion machine
  • ELGEF Plus large sockets
  • PE large pipe technology