Time for the new ball valve 546 Pro - the original got even better now

2019/07/09 12:00

With the ball valve 546 Pro, piping specialist GF Piping Systems has relaunched a proven classic. Thanks to its modular and compatible design, the newly developed valve can be quickly adapted to changing requirements - without interrupting production. The durable ball valve is perfect for retrofitting and modernizing existing piping systems in a wide variety of industries.


For more than 15 years, the ball valve 546 from GF Piping Systems has been valued across all industries for its high reliability, flexibility and durability. Whether for simple water pipe systems or complex chemical-pharmaceutical processes - the ball valve 546 has been established as the technical standard worldwide and has received a large number of important approvals.

With the 546 Pro, the piping specialist has now developed a platform that already accommodates future requirements today. Thomas Küssner, Product Manager of the ball valve 546 Pro, emphasized above all the customer-oriented improvement of the model: "With the 546 Pro, we are seamlessly continuing the success story of the ball valve 546. In the continued development of the ball valve, we have incorporated new customer requirements without compromising quality or reliability."

With the new model 546 Pro, GF Piping Systems has succeeded in making the replacement and retrofitting of valves in piping systems even more cost-effective and efficient. The new ball valve is of particular interest to companies that attach great importance to uninterrupted production processes during operation and at the same time want to make the piping system fit for future requirements. Above all, the modular platform design ensures easy and flexible adaptations to any requirement.

This allows the 546 Pro to be retrofitted with accessories and drives during ongoing production, without the need for costly interruptions. With the ball valve, both length changes in the piping system and time-consuming assembly work by expensive specialists are no longer necessary. When working with aggressive media - such as those found in the chemical, pharmaceutical or food processing industries - this approach significantly reduces safety risks.

Thanks to a special predetermined breaking point in the interface of the ball valve, defective valves can be replaced and retrofitted during operation within a few minutes. When an automated valve is subject to wear, it is no longer necessary to remove the entire ball valve or to carry out a time-consuming leak test. Thanks to the simple replacement without length changes on the pipe system, new calculations and expensive installation work by specialists are no longer required either. In addition, the effort for the update of technical documents is clearly reduced thanks to the high compatibility.

Ready for the digital future


The new ball valve 546 Pro with retrofittable electrical position feedback is ideal for companies that want to prepare their operations step by step for the digital future. If required, the double sensor with LED display can be mounted user-friendly via a snap-on connection and reliably records the position of the control lever. This way it is possible to integrate the ball valve seamlessly into the in-house process control technology. What is more, thanks to its compact design and simple assembly, the electrical position feedback can also be used in unfavorable space conditions. A data matrix code on the valve rounds off the innovative features and provides all relevant component information.

The ball valve can be operated manually, pneumatically, or electrically. In this way, companies can decide, depending on the application, whether the ball valve is to be operated fully automatically via the internal control technology, via a pneumatic control unit, or in the classical manual manner.

In many industries, the uninterrupted operation of piping systems is an absolute prerequisite for smooth production processes. Valves in pipelines are regarded as safety-relevant components, since improper use or sabotage can have far-reaching consequences. The topic of safety was therefore also a focal point of the continued development of the ball valve. Product Manager Thomas Küssner explained the two-stage safety precautions: "The lever of the ball valve 546 Pro features double safety compared to its predecessor: On the one hand, the valve is protected against unintentional actuation by pressing down the locking ring. On the other hand, a padlock can easily be fitted as standard."

With the ball valve 546 Pro, GF Piping Systems is targeting a wide range of industries, from chemical production, industrial production, surface treatment and the semiconductor industry to municipal water treatment, drinking water treatment and energy technology.

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