Clean Water Projects

On the occasion of the company’s 200-year anniversary in 2002, GF’s shareholders waived distribution of the bicentenary dividend. Instead, the Clean Water Foundation was created and the sum of CHF 3.5 million was invested in non-profit projects geared toward providing clean drinking water around the world.

Areas of focus

The international Clean Water projects are carried out with carefully selected partners and in close collaboration with local residents. Taking into account different needs, difficult conditions, and the variety of possible measures, GF concentrates its efforts on five focus areas: extracting water, transporting water, storing water, distributing water, and aiding reconstruction.

Restoring Water Supply

Clean WaterImage: Project in Bosnian village Balačići

After the devastating floods last year, 140 families in the Bosnian village Balačići still lack clean drinking water. In a reconstruction project, Caritas Switzerland helps them build a new water reservoir - with support of GF’s Clean Water Foundation. Follow this blog that keeps you posted about everything that will happen:

To project diary

  • Reconstruction of water supply system
  • Building new water reservoir for 140 families
  • Alleviate the effects of the disaster


Aiding reconstruction

Clean WaterImage: Project in Haiti

The Clean Water Foundation does not provide emergency assistance, but it is involved in phase two of post-disaster operations. At this time, the focus is on rebuilding infrastructures – at least to the point that affected individuals can get by during a transition period lasting a few months to several years.

Aiding reconstruction: Haiti

  • Reconstruction together with the Water Missions International aid organization
  • Construction and allocation of water distribution systems
  • Clean drinking water for hundreds of people on a daily basis

Extracting water

Clean WaterImage: Project in Paturia (Bangladesh)

Building wells is a critical focus area among the activities funded by the Clean Water Foundation. Various technologies and construction methods are used depending on the location and sub-surfaces.

Extracting water: Paturia (Bangladesh)

  • Clean drinking water for 1,200 people
  • Solar-operated pump stations based on simple technology
  • An extensive water supply system in schools for drinking water and improved hygiene conditions

Transporting water

Clean WaterImage: Project in Hazarajat (Afghanistan)

The construction of water lines and water canals is an opportunity and a prerequisite for a better quality of life over the long term in places where their annual requirements for drinking water are not guaranteed.

Transporting water: Hazarajat (Afghanistan)

  • Drinking water for up to 40,000 people
  • 50 deep wells, with some that are 40 meters in depth
  • 100 temporary jobs

Storing water

Clean WaterImage: Project in Cabo Delgado (Mozambique)

In many regions of the world, there are distinct dry and rainy seasons. For that reason, clean, fresh drinking water in sufficient quantities is only available in certain times of the year. The construction of rain water storage systems and water tanks makes this precious liquid available when times are dry.

Storing water: Cabo Delgado (Mozambique)

  • Completion of several projects with Helvetas
  • Helvetas receives the Energy Globe Award 2007 for drinking water projects in Cabo Delgado
  • Clean drinking water for 38,000 people in Cabo Delgado

Distributing water

Clean WaterImage: Project in Riom-Parsonz (Switzerland)

Another focus area of the Clean Water Foundation is water distribution in all forms. Often, systems are in extremely poor condition, with parts missing and proper maintenance lacking. Hygiene deteriorates and work processes falter. Construction measures and training can effectively remedy the situation.

Distributing water: Riom-Parsonz (Switzerland)

  • Expanding the water supply
  • Upgrading the existing water supply facilities
  • Actively involving Georg Fischer trainees