Data Centers: Leading edge plastic piping systems for cooling

Owners and operators of data centers can rely on 200 years of innovation in piping systems and 15,800 employees engaged in more than 30 countries worldwide.

25% less energy consumption

GF's piping systems help to reduce energy costs – on average by 25 percent compared to traditional metal systems. The inherent lower thermal conductivity of plastic, together with pre-insulation from the factory means the system is highly energy efficient and robust.

100% maintenance-free

The systems are maintenance-free for at least 25 years, vapour-tight and resistant to weather and UV. This reduces the maintenance requirements and running costs of the cooling system for reliable operation.

Offsite fabrication – easy to install

Comprehensive project support, pre-insulated components and prefabrication can significantly reduce the time from design to commissioning of a new data center.

Energy Efficiency & Sustainabilty


We can help you achieve the carbon neutral data center of the future. Plastic pipe systems have a minimum life-span 25 years, with no corrosion or encrustation of internal pipe bores.

More information about Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

Plastic pipes can improve the efficiency of your hydronic pipe systems by up to 25%. Factory pre-insulated pipes, with a thermal conductivity of 0.026 W/m.K, combined with an internal bore roughness of 0.007mm (metal 0.4mm), a design minimum life-span of 25 years and also no corrosion or encrustation of internal pipe bore, make GF plastic pipes efficiency and sustainability footprint unbeatable. GF systems comply to Green Building codes as well as being BREEAM, LEED compliant.

Your Added Value

  • up to 25% improvement in energy efficiency
  • minimum 25 year maintenance free life-span
  • reduced CO2 footprint thanks to low weight and long life-span
  • constant performance, no reduction of flow characteristics



GF Piping Systems' global network of workshops can create be-spoke or multiple off-site fabricated spools and modules and pump stations, either to customer wishes or using in-house GF Piping Systems engineers.

More information about our Pre-Fabrication

GF Piping Systems' in-house workshops are located at key locations around the globe. These shops are all equipped with state-of-the-art plastic pipe jointing and handling machinery at the hands of GF Piping Systems' own experienced plastic experts. Pipe layouts can be re-designed to allow off-site fabrication of pipe modules, spools, manifolds or pumping stations. The low weight of plastics enables these modules and spools to be easily transported to site where they can be quickly installed in the plant.

Your Added Value

  • reduces on-site installation time to an absolute minimum
  • improves quality of workmanship
  • accurate project planning
  • all modules are QC controlled including pressure testing



GF Piping Systens has its own in-house engineering staff with years of experience in plastic pipe systems design and installation. We can help re-engineer your metallic systems to plastic, just ask.

More information about our Engineering

To ensure efficient and cost effective pipe system installation GF Piping Systems' experts can perform engineering calculations as well re-design isometrics to make them plastics conform. Service examples include: stress analysis, isometric layouts, expansion-contraction, allocation of fixed points and expansion elbows and static load calculations. We also offer a comprehensive on-site technical support which includes NDT of plastic welds as well as on-site certification of installers, just ask.

Your Added Value

  • GF Piping Systems in-house professional engineering plastic experts
  • BIM conform with CAD symbols, models and menus for all CAD softwares
  • complete engineering support package from concept design to operation including NDT
  • technical submissions and systems specification support

Systems & Solutions


GF Piping Systems has been at the forefront of innovation in plastic pipe systems since more than 50 years, with a clear focussed strategy on the development of application orientated solutions.

More information about our Systems & Solutions

GF Piping Systems offers over 60.000 individual products combined into complete system solutions in all the standard plastic pipe materials used globally, for example PE-100, PVC-U, C-PVC, PVDF, Mulit-layer PEx. All systems contain complete valve solutions for manual off-on as well as control functionality via electrically or pneumatically actuated vales. Special double containment systems including leak detection for computer rooms and GF Piping Systems offers complete pre-insulated systems for chilled water primary to tertiary loops and roof-top condensate lines.

Your Added Value

  • 200 years of piping systems innovation
  • professional neutral advice to ensure the best possible system solution for your project
  • measurement and control solutions with actuated plastic valves
  • auxiliary solutions on demand, heat tracing, leak detection, fire wall penetrations

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