Efficient Systems

Our plastic pipes deliver real added value compared to alternative materials. A striking example of this is the CO2 footprint of a PE pipe, DN80, measuring one meter in length. The sum of all the greenhouse gases emitted to the atmosphere in the course of processes, materials extraction, materials processing, manufacturing, transport, use and recycling is approximately five times lower for a plastic pipe than for a stainless steel pipe. This was confirmed in a study of the ecological footprint of various piping materials.

efficient systems

Cool heads use COOL-FIT

One energy-saving solution is the fully pre-insulated COOL-FIT piping system for secondary cooling and refrigeration installations, which offers both ecological and economic advantages. It is based on the ABS pipe system from GF Piping Systems and comprises fittings, valves and transition fittings. COOL-FIT is used exclusively in “secondary refrigeration systems”. This type of installation allows reducing the amount of refrigerant by 80 to 90% compared to conventional systems. COOL-FIT therefore undercuts existing systems by over 50% in terms of TEWI (Total Equivalent Warming Impact).

When it comes to materials selection, production and daily use, this system has significant advantages over traditional metal pipes, both in energy consumption and resource conservation.

Superior to traditional copper systems

An external firm was commissioned to analyze the ecological performance of COOL-FIT. The environmental aspects of COOL-FIT were tested in comparison to other cooling systems. The study compares pre-installed piping made of diverse materials and takes into consideration how the pipe materials were produced, how the pipes were manufactured and installed on site, the insulation method as well as all respective transports. The tests substantiate that less energy is required for the manufacture, insulation and installation of COOL-FIT pipes than for copper and chrome steel. Due to the complete pre-insulation and the low weight, the patented jointing technology is extremely energy-efficient. COOL-FIT uses approx. 50% less energy in operation than conventional copper systems.

Energy efficiency in the Jordan Winery, California, USA: http://blog.jordanwinery.com/2012/01/video-reducing-our-energy-consumption/

The new generation of diaphragm valves from GF Piping Systems: Maximize profits by maximizing flow

The new diaphragm valves provide twice the flow for the same amount of energy consumption. The secret lies in the optimized geometry of the valve body. Moreover, the new diaphragm valve offers linear flow properties, permitting optimal control characteristics, which in turn guarantees more stable processes. The weir of the outlet valve has been moved right up against the pipe wall. This reduces dead legs to an absolute minimum, ensuring a high degree of hygiene as well. The bottom line: higher efficiency, lower energy costs, minimized dead legs, maximum hygiene.