GF Piping Systems at PowerGen Asia 2019 – Piping systems for efficient and reliable power plants

4.7.2019 16:00

Production failures and increased maintenance costs due to corrosion-induced leakages, pipe fractures, and blocked valves are still quite common in power plants and can result in far-reaching consequences for the operators. At this year’s PowerGen Asia in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), GF Piping Systems, the global market leader for plastic piping systems, will present the alternative: Corrosion-free plastic system solutions that are maintenance-free and durable.


"At most power plants, about 80 percent of pipes are still made of metal", said Gero Meinecke, Global Market Segment Manager for Energy at GF Piping Systems. "About one third of these can be converted to plastic. This change of material offers many benefits. Since plastic pipes are corrosion-free, they are considerably less susceptible to leakage and last just as long as the plant itself, in all instances at least 25 years. If the system is not constantly loaded at the maximum temperature and pressure, they even last significantly longer."

The system solutions that GF Piping Systems will present at PowerGen are particularly suitable for the cooling circuit both to and from the boiler, most underground firefighting pipes, as well as water treatment. Meinecke said: "These applications operate at a maximum of 60 to 70 degrees. Thermoplastic systems such as our PE and PVC systems have proved to be very successful here." The wide range of couplings from GF Piping Systems allows the trouble-free and safe connection of the plastic systems to metal systems for higher temperature ranges.

The FM certification ("Factory Mutual Approval") has established itself as the industrial standard, especially when it comes to safety-relevant plant components, such as fire-extinguishing appliances. It guarantees operators and planners the highest level of safety and reliability. Insurers reward its application with reduced insurance premiums for the entire power plant. GF Piping Systems offers FM-certified piping systems according to ISO and ASTM standards. Production at 32 sites around the world, including four in Asia (in Indonesia, among others), ensures high availability and faster, cheaper delivery.

GF Piping Systems has been active in Asia since 1994 and today operates its own sales offices or agencies in nine Asian countries: China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Vietnam. For the energy sector, the company offers the opportunity of quickly increasing efficiency and safety – with local support for the entire project.

"The desire for more innovation has previously focused mainly on new methods for power generation," said Gero Meinecke. "However, plastic piping systems offer the opportunity to immediately benefit from innovative materials and to increase the efficiency of new and existing plants."

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