INSTAFLEX Drinking Water Distribution System for Europe’s highest Acute-Care Hospital

Ensuring the quality of drinking water is a primary concern in a hospital environment. That is why special attention was dedicated to the drinking water installations in the course of renovating the infrastructure at Oberengadin Hospital, the largest employer in the region with 300 employees.

instaflex drinking water distribution system

Included in the hospital renovation were such highly sensitive and critical areas as the maternity ward, laboratory, operating rooms and the intensive-care unit, which called for not only high-quality and reliable products, but also necessitated keeping the hospital up and running during all the renovation work. For the constructional measures, the high-altitude hospital relied on the proven corrosion-free water distribution system from GF Piping Systems.

INSTAFLEX systems for best quality drinking water

The hygienic, all-plastic pipe system INSTALFLEX made of polybutene, was designed for demanding applications with the highest quality requirements. From distributing the water and regulating circulation with JRG Legiotherm to the tapping points, the high-performance INSTAFLEX components, such as pipes, fittings and valves, were chosen for the hospital renovation. In terms of ensuring a long service life and reliable water distribution, the corrosion and incrustation-free plastic system was clearly favored over the previously used galvanized steel pipes.  In addition to proactively preventing breakage in the pipeline, the customer particularly appreciated the high cost-efficiency thanks to the long lifetime of the product, as well as the noise reducing effect and installation and operational flexibility of the plastic piping system.

Maintaining hospital operation by renovating in stages

An important factor, which had to be taken into consideration during planning as well as installation, was the uninterrupted supply of drinking water, ensuring medical care around the clock. By proceeding with the renovation in stages and thanks to the flexibility offered by the system solution, it was possible to carry out the construction measures efficiently and successfully. The low weight of the plastic system was another advantage during installation.

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System and product selection:

  • INSTAFLEX: 5000 meters of Ø 16 - 110 PB pipes, fittings and valves
  • JRG Legiotherm including thermal disinfection
  • JRG Legiostop
  • pre-fabricated INSTAFLEX manifolds up to Ø 110