Medical services place their trust in systems with proven quality and hygiene. The stringent requirements for transporting high purity media apply not only to the system solution, but also to the materials used, manufacturing processes, jointing, tooling and the actual installation.


PROGEF (PP) Plus System


PROGEF PP Plus System

PROGEF (PP) Plus System

The specified polypropylene system, based on certified raw materials, is the ideal choice for mid-range water applications

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PVC-C System


PVC-C has a long service life and a high safety factor in aggressive and corrosive environments up to 80° C

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Main Benefits

  • PuritySpecified system performance
  • SafetyDefined quality guidelines guarantee safe and reliable systems
  • EfficiencyReproducible and fast jointing technology for cost-efficient installations
  • PerformanceMinimum TOC ensures high level of quality in ultrapure water systems

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