GF Piping Systems calculates Life Cycle Assessment for its industrial systems and provides Environmental Product Declarations

Jul 29, 2014 5:00 PM

In cooperation with the independent Belgian institute VITO, GF Piping Systems calculated the life cycle assessments (LCA) for four selected GF Piping Systems specific industry systems and compared them to a competing system with the same application.

The life cycle assessments of GF Piping Systems and VITO cover the environmental impact over the whole life cycle – from cradle to grave. The environmental impacts of the plastic systems are based on calculations with GF PS specific data. Subsequent the following materials and applications were compared:

Plastic Competing material Application
PPStainless steelChemical conveyance
PVC-UStainless steelDosing of chemicals
PEGlass reinforced plastic (GRP)Cooling water intake for a power plant
PBCopperWater distribution on a cruise ship

Compared to the competing systems, the Georg Fischer systems show a smaller environmental impact The studies confirm the results of other studies and make clear the importance of plastics in building piping systems that are ecologically sound.

The results of the study can be found on the website

Standardized Environmental Product Declarations

Furthermore, the results of the LCAs for the plastic systems were summarized in so called Environmental Product Declarations (EPD). This standardized tool for the communication of environmental impacts is more and more requested by customers. Additionally to the mentioned systems, an EPD for a PVDF system for the circling and distribution of purified water was issued. The EPDs are issued according to standards (EN 15804) and are verified by an independent expert.

The EPDs are available on the website as well.