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Jan 27, 2014 4:00 PM

The oldest product from Georg Fischer is to celebrate its birthday in 2014. In 1864, Georg Fischer II (1834-1887) wrote industrial history with malleable cast iron fittings. The 30-year-old pioneer was the first industrial engineer on the European continent producing these pipe coupling joints made of malleable cast iron. The first fittings were produced in the Mühlental factory in Schaffhausen.

The first fitting-specific brochure appeared in 1865.The first fitting-specific brochure appeared in 1865.

The malleable cast iron fitting is the Georg Fischer product that is linked to the company’s history closer than any other product. This fact is also shown in the corporate logo of Georg Fischer. The ‘plus’ sign in the corporate logo symbolizes the cross-fittings that have been an innovation in the casting technology 150 years ago. Until today, GF malleable cast iron fittings guarantee a safe and reliable connection of pipes.

Up to today, 150 years after casting the first fittings GF Piping Systems still produces millions of the fittings at their Austrian plant in Traisen. The Traisen plant has more than 850 different types of the long-standing product in its current portfolio. The center of competence for malleable cast iron fittings processes about 14.600 metric tons of iron per year and supplies customers with 70 million fittings annually throughout Europe.

The malleable cast iron fitting from Georg Fischer: A product with traditionThe malleable cast iron fitting from Georg Fischer: A product with tradition

Because of their durability and mechanical strength these fittings continuously enjoy major success. The material bearing high mechanical stress together with the universal, standardized jointing method ensure a save use in a wide range of applications. Main fields of applications are gas and water distribution as well as industrial applications.

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