GF Piping Systems wins regional innovation award

Mar 13, 2013 10:00 AM

The IVS innovation award 2013 presented by Schaffhauser Platzbanken goes to GF Piping Systems. In February, the division within Georg Fischer Corporation, was recognized as this year’s recipient of the regional innovation award for a newly developed piping system made of transparent plastic. When this system is used as a bioreactor to cultivate algae, biomass and biofuel can be produced.

Innovation award for the development of a unique piping system for algae bioreactors

With this award, presented for the fifth time, Industrievereinigung Schaffhausen (IVS) and Schaffhauser Platzbanken recognize the innovation performance of GF Piping Systems in the recent development of pipe based bioreactors for microalgae cultivation. The tailored piping components in polyvinylchloride (PVC) play a key role in the promising algae technology.

Plastics, such as PVC, change under constant exposure to sunlight. Engineers at Georg Fischer have succeeded in finding an ideal balance between transparency and durability. They have developed a piping system made of translucent PVC, which allows enough light in the right wavelength to pass through into the pipe interior, where microalgae can grow.

A total of four regional companies received the IVS innovation award in Neuhausen; including one special award. Dr. Stephan Schüssler, Head of R&D Georg Fischer DEKA in Dautphetal-Mornshausen, accepted the award on behalf of the entire team.

In 2010 the microalgae project was already honored with the international innovation award „Gold SolVin Award“