450mm SYGEF PVDF Piping Systems and IR Welding Technology for Conveying Ultrapure Water

Feb 7, 2012 7:00 AM

To prepare for the inevitable transition to a 450mm wafer size, GF Piping Systems is introducing a complete 450mm SYGEF PVDF Piping System, including an innovative "Twin Fittings" concept and new welding equipment at SEMICON Korea 2012 in Seoul, Feb.07 - 09, Booth # 3308.

IR Welding EquipmentNew IR Welding Equipment up to 450 mm SYGEF PVDF System for Conveying Ultrapure Water (Photo: Georg Fischer Piping Systems, 2011)

The microchip has taken over many tasks of our everyday life. As we forge through the iPad 2, smarter smart phones and advancements in robotics, we find ourselves consuming more and more chips, which in turn requires more factory capacity to make the chips. More chip power can be achieved by building more factories, increasing transistor density per chip, or going to a larger number of chips per wafer, i.e. increasing the wafer size.

There are a number of pros and cons to jumping from the currently stable 300mm sized wafer to the unknown 450mm. But scaling up is nothing new – wafer diameters have increased steadily to meet capacity demands and keep pace with the needed economic benefit.

Interestingly, with this progressive advancement in wafer size, the need for ultrapure water (UPW) increases with the same speed: The bigger the wafer, the more UPW is needed in the factory. As Klaiber's Law sums it up: "The silicon wafer size will dictate the largest diameter of piping needed." This has held true since the introduction of 100mm wafers and therefore suggests the need for 450mm conduits to accommodate 450mm wafer production.

GF Piping Systems develops 450mm SYGEF Piping System

The current 315mm Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) pipes and fittings have been available for years using a very stable extrusion and injection molding process. In addition, GFPS secured the availability of sufficient PVDF for future Piping System Requirements. Since several chip makers, among them some industry leaders, see the transition to 450mm wafers as inevitable, GF Piping Systems decided to be prepared in advance and elected to develop a product line of 355mm, 400mm and 450mm PVDF piping to meet the six criteria of high purity, along with the associated welding equipment suitable for conveying UPW in advanced semiconductor wafer factories.

Innovative "Twin Fittings" concept

Very little challenge can be seen in scaling the pipe extrusion process from 315mm to 450mm. However, GF Piping Systems decided to employ a completely new approach for the injection molding of fittings. Remarkable advantages can be realized by making sectional pieces, dubbed by GF as "Twin Fittings", instead of molding the entire fitting in one piece. For example, from this patent pending process, shortened Twin tees, elbows and reducers can be injection molded in smaller, more energy-efficient machines that are suitable for clean room conditions. The extension ends can be welded to these components in limitless combinations according to the desired functionality, using thermal plastic welding equipment.

New IR welding equipment

Having safe, clean pipes and fittings is only half of the equation needed for successfully commissioning a UPW piping system. One must also have a way to install it without contamination. To accomplish this, GF Piping Systems chose to draw upon its world renowned thermal plastic welding process. New plastic welding equipment was developed specifically to handle the new sizes up to 450mm. The new plastic thermal welding machine has an insertable/removable facing tool and heater head, just like the smaller-sized equipment that the industry has come to trust. The non-contact IR (infrared) heating reduces the risk of contamination and omits the need for equalization. The overlap feature eliminates variation of bead sizes and joining force inconsistencies due to pipeline drag forces. Overlap also allows very precise installation. Lastly, cooling times can be reduced because less energy is brought in by the controlled process.

GF Piping Systems is ready for 450mm, 22nm technologies and beyond!

Come see us at our stand. We welcome your questions and comments.

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