Future-driven! Now! The new MSA 4 welding machines

Feb 19, 2015 10:00 AM

GF Piping Systems introduces the new MSA 4.0 and MSA 4.1 welding machines to the world markets. With those machines GF Piping Systems will step ahead into the future of electro fusion from early 2015 on.

MSA 4.1 electrofusion device

Companies and installers in the gas and water distribution demand for more and more flexible and future oriented solutions for jointing plastic piping systems. Therefore GF Piping Systems presents the new MSA 4.0 and MSA 4.1 electro fusion units, which offer an open and upgradable platform that can adjust to future challenges. The machines support the installers in making fast, safe, high quality and reliable joints from d20 mm up to d1400 mm.

Upgradeable to the future

The new MSA 4.0 and 4.1 combine usability, easy communication and flexibility with future driven features. Both machines are equipped with an USB port and GPS, while the MSA 4.1 offers an additional Bluetooth interface and HSPA+ mobile network. These cutting edge units are ready for online services, usable with software applications on a Windows platform and upgradeable with Android Apps (MSA 4.1).

The MSA 4.0 and MSA 4.1 follow an ergonomic and lightweight design whereas the sturdy die cast aluminum housing is durable in all surroundings. The machines’ welding process is monitored continuously to ensure best quality jointings. Electronic sensors react in case of emergency and stop the welding machines instantly to preserve the integrity of the machine or fitting.

Outstanding documentation features

Easy and intuitive operation on site is a must: Using the barcode scanner, the user is guided from preparation to the finalization of the fusion process. At the end of the welding process, the MSA 4.0 and MSA 4.1 save all the recorded data into a high capacity internal memory. The data can be easily transferred via USB port to a personal computer for deeper investigation, print out and digital archive. The traceability data of fittings, pipes and tools can be saved into the fusion record according to ISO 12176-4 standard, as well as the GPS coordinates of the geo-localization of the weld position.

The user can transfer the fusion protocols in a native PDF format or in an encrypted format and use additional data management software (mini MSA Welding Book) to take full advantage of more sophisticated features. The installers can save up to 40 different types of data in the PDF, including fusion and pipe parameters, extra information about the welding environment, like the power generator behavior and job details.

The MSA 4.1 is able to take photos and videos of preparation activities and capture the QR codes printed individually on the products. This complementary data can be merged later on automatically with the recorded fusion protocols, using the mini MSA Welding Book.

The mini MSA Welding Book offers you the opportunity to create a map of the site with specific notes concerning the welding, photo zooming, the collage of protocols belonging to multiple MSA 4 and MSA 2.1 units.

Extreme flexibility

The MSA 4 family allows the installation company to switch from a grid owner to another, with different procedures in place, in a snap. Furthermore, the MSA 4.0 and MSA 4.1 give a multi-level user access: as configurator, administrator or final user. If the company manages a rental pool, it can benefit of the rental control feature to block the machine when the rental period is expired and re-enable it via e-mail code. The service can be controlled in many ways to advise, block, enable the unit temporary, if the periodic revision is not carried on in time.



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