IR-315 A: Peace of mind with big dimensions

Apr 9, 2018 3:00 PM

GF Piping Systems is the leading supplier of plastic piping systems, constantly adding technical innovation to its portfolio that help our customers implement them faster and easier for their applications. The IR-315 A completes our family of automated infrared fusion machines. Together with the IR-110 A, the two fusion machines cover the dimension range from d20 to d315 mm.


The IR-315 A impresses with its automated, intuitive handling, system security and integrated cooling system. This enables highest reproducibility, quality and efficiency for installers and operators.

The application range of the IR-315 A covers the dimension range d110 to d315 mm for the materials PVDF SYGEF, PP PROGEF and PE100 ecoFIT. Both the facing and heating and the jointing process with autonomously moving clamping slides are fully automated. This minimizes operator errors and ensures the quality of the weld. Automated modules enable a safe and fast preparation of the machine – ready for welding within minutes.

The revolutionary active cooling system reduces the cooling time up to 30% compared to passive cooling. The active cooling system is integrated in the clamping device. The filtered, hence cleaned air flow automatically kicks in and is equally spread around the circumference.

The user-friendly design of the new IR-315 A is ideal for complex installations. Facer and heater do not interfere with the components. The clamping slides and units are designed for flange connections. Individual facing values on both sides allow precise prefabrication and maximum flexibility in installation and handling.

The IR-315 A supports interactive handling with the graphical user interface. The 12.1’’ touch screen offers multilingual instructions as well as video guided process steps for best welding results.

The integrated process and quality control add to the installer’s peace of mind. During the fusion process jointing distance and jointing pressure are always controlled and monitored by the machine. The heating and cooling process are optimized according to the ambient temperature while the component temperatures are measured by an IR sensor. An integrated video camera records the preparation and handling. All fusion joint data is easy, safe and economical to obtain and exported as required via USB interfaces.

All necessary tools and accessories of the IR-315 A are included in the supplied working table. Fusion machine and working table are designed for industrial applications and clean room conditions. Transport boxes and integrated euro pallets facilitate the safe and easy transport. Learn more on

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