Hycleen Des 30 - the systematic disinfection unit

The Hycleen Des 30 unit generates the required electro activated disinfectant on site. Years of experience with regard to drinking water additives have set high and unique standards.

Safety in drinking water sanitation

Securing top grade drinking water through an environmentally friendly disinfection

Numerous customers, who have used the electroactivated disinfectant for more than ten years, confirm its high efficiency against bacteria such as Legionella and Pseudomonas. Using the Hycleen Des 30 unit does not impair the lifetime of GF JRG materials - neither in cold nor in hot water lines. 

The Hycleen Des 30 unit offers facility operators key advantages when disinfecting their drinking water installation systems

Das Hycleen Des 30 System
  • Highly effective disinfectant against bacteria – small amounts are sufficient (fully compliant with the minimization principle)
  • Depot effect in the entire drinking water installation system
  • Approved disinfectant under Drinking Water Ordinance Sect. 11  
  • Low risk application; easy to use
  • Low risk operation: no transport/no storage of dangerous chemicals
  • No micro-biologically induced corrosion
  • No development of resistance in micro-organisms; biofilms are removed
  • Does not impair the lifetime of GF JRG products; years of experience
  • Environmentally friendly disinfectant
  • Cost-effective technique

Four steps for optimum drinking water hygiene

gfps_Hycleen Des 30

In order to ensure high-quality drinking water at any time, the cold water as well as the hot drinking water supply needs to be considered as one integral system. That is why, with newly-built or planned properties preventive measures should be considered to minimize disturbances during operation. For existing properties preventive measures, however, should be supplemented with intervention measures.

Ideal solution for existing properties

The integral water hygiene concept comprises four areas: Prevention, monitoring, intervention and risk assessment. This approach to secure drinking water hygiene offers numerous advantages especially for existing properties because their given condition can be considered when restoring high-quality drinking water. As refurbishments are executed in stages, preventive measures can often be carried out only occasionally, thermal or chemical disinfection, on the other hand, are ideal in terms of intervention.

GF JRG provides the perfect solution: an environmentally friendly, highly efficient electro activated disinfection unit - the Hycleen Des 30. Many years of experience show that this unit also treats old installation materials with care and therefore proves to be ideal for existing properties.