COOL-FIT 2.0 - The revolution for efficient cooling

As a contribution to the worldwide initiative to reduce CO2 emissions and environmental impact, GF Piping Systems brings a revolution to efficient cooling. The efficiency of a cooling plant is defined by the system’s Coefficient of Performance (COP), the heat transfer rate at the air cooler and the efficiency of the chilled water piping system.

COOL-FIT 2.0 - Your solution for chilled water: Robust jacket, PE100 carrier pipe, GF HE insulation, Insulation, Angle marking, Sealing lip, Welding indicators, Insulation plug

Your solution for chilled water

COOL-FIT 2.0 is the corrosion and condensation free solution for the transport of chilled water inside residential and commercial buildings as well as data centers and for process cooling. The COOL-FIT 2.0 PE100 pipes and fittings are insulated with 22 mm of high energy efficient (HE) foamand protected with a robust jacket. The smooth inner surface of the PE100 pipe provides a minimum pressure loss while the low thermal conductivity of the insulation ensures reduced energy loss and running costs for a lifetime. The 3-in-1 construction keeps installation time to a minimum.

  • 50% faster installation
  • 30% better energy efficiency
  • 100% corrosion free
Benefits for building owners

Minimized energy loss
Top quality insulation thickness and density throughout the entire system.

Light weight
Ideal for retrofitting of prestigious buildings 30% less weight than traditional metal systems.

Hard external jacket
Vapour and moisture tight construction, mechanically loadable.

Low CO2 footprint
CFC free and recyclable. Zero ODP.

Benefits for planners and consultants

Easy and accurate planning
Planning fundamentals, CAD library, BIM compatible.

Complete compatible system – clearly defined interfaces
Insulated pipes, fittings, valves, clearly defined interfaces, flexible hoses – one system, one team, one producer.

A system for life
Corrosion and condensation free, moisture and vapour tight, low pressure loss and energy efficient.

State-of-the-art jointing technology
Machine controlled quality.

Benefits for general contractors and installers

Build more in less time
3-in-1: pipe, insulation and jacket in one step.

Reliable easy jointing
No hot works for the electrofusion jointing process.

Simple installation
The hard external jacket allows for simple, easy assembly with standard brackets.

Light weight and easy to handle
Up to d110 mm no need for lifts or special devices to handle on-site.

Off-site pre-fabrication
Reduced on-site labor time.


Foam removal and peeling tool

Application areas: Cooling system within the water cycle

Modern cities are constantly growing and changing. This increases the expectations of efficiency and performance of all types of devices. Their use raises enormous amounts of heat increasing the need for air conditioning. Air conditioning also plays an important role in everyday life, as the ambient temperature affects people’s well-being and productivity - whether at work or during leisure time, at home or traveling.

GF Piping Systems offers its unique and extensive COOL-FIT range for all types of cooling requirements. The COOL-FIT ABS Plus and COOL-FIT 4.0 portfolio for industrial cooling is now complemented with the new COOL-FIT 2.0 for cold water applications.

Comfort cooling

COOL-FIT 2.0 - Application Area - Air conditioning

Apartments and office buildings, hotels, universities and schools, banks, shopping centers, airports, cinemas and theaters, sports and event facilities. Air conditioning improves the quality of life both at work, at home and at leisure venues.

Connection to fan coils
Connection to fan coils

Pre-fabricated insulated hoses to the transition union prevent corrosion.

  • Insulated valves
  • Pre-insulated hoses
  • Pre-insulated transitions

Post-insulation in vertical service channels is timeconsuming and difficult.

  • Pre-insulated pipes in large dimensions
Reduced branches
Reduced branches
  • Pre-insulated reduced tees
  • Pre-insulated transition fittings: ecoFIT, iFIT and traditional metal systems
Fire wall penetrations
Fire wall penetrations

Safe pipe wall penetrations with tried and tested existing products.

  • Proved and certified solution for COOL-FIT 2.0
Emergency exits
Emergency exits

Should the pipe system enter an emergency exit, pipe with A2 class insulation is available as standard.

  • Certified mineral wool solutions
  • Certified brackets

Safe cooling

COOL-FIT 2.0 - Application Area - Data Centers

On average, 70% of data center power is converted into heat, as announced at the annual Green Data Center Conference. COOL-FIT 2.0 is the safe piping solution for an effective and efficient design, supply, installation and management of the cooling systems of a data center.

Connection to cooling towers
Connection to cooling towers

Many types of transitions enable the connection to adjoining systems.

  • Pre-insulated transitions to metal threaded systems and standard flanges
Rack cooling
Rack cooling

Simple pre-insulated connection to all computer racks.

  • Pre-insulated hoses provide simple connection to cooling back panels
  • Pre-insulated valves for individual circuit control
  • Pre-insulated transitions
  • Machine guided welding process with traceability
Highly frequented areas
Highly frequented areas

When a lower burning load or metallic fi nishing is required.

  • COOL-FIT 2.0 M with metal jacket provides increased fire classification
  • Certified brackets
  • Metal jacket for aesthetics

Helps to avoid installer errors.

  • Machine controlled fusion process with traceability

COOL-FIT 2.0 quickly explained

A 3-in-1 pipework system for chilled water offers pre-insulated PE100 carrier pipe with GF HE insulation foam and a robust HDPE outer jacket.


Insert – Clamp – Weld – Done! The jointing of COOL-FIT 2.0 pipes fittings and valves is very easy. The procedure takes just a few minutes and the GF Piping Systems MSA fusion devices ensure the quality of the joints.

Foam removal and peeling tool

COOL-FIT 2.0 pipes are supplied with free ends (non-insulated), ready for assembling and fusion with fittings. If a pipe needs to be cut to the desired length, the foam removal tool helps to remove the foam and outer jacket dust-free and in less than two minutes. At the same time it peels the surface of the media pipe and sets the correct insertion depth in order to prepare it perfectly for the subsequent fusion process.