40 years JRG Sanipex - Forever young

JRG Sanipex - Forever young

Because reliability and quality are timeless

  • High quality - all system components are made of high quality materials
  • Safe - 40 years of experience with millions of parts installed prove that the system is safe
  • Hygienic - Highest hygiene quality thanks to the full cross-section

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Wednesday, 17.01.2018
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Friday, 19.01.2018
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GF Piping Systems booth at the Swissbau

GF Piping Systems booth at the Swissbau
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Product evolution for the anniversary

Georg Fischer JRG AG has optimized various products for the 40th anniversary of the installation system JRG Sanipex. The junction box and the shuttering box used millions of times has evolved. The innovations aid assembly on the construction site.

JRG Sanipex, the first potable water installation system with replaceable pipe, was launched 40 years ago and has revolutionized plumbing equipment in one go. The flexible, high-quality system with elements made of plastic and gunmetal is constantly being improved.

JRG Sanipex junction box
JRG Sanipex formwork box

Junction box new and rectangular, with compatible foot and extension

The refined, now rectangular rather than round box body simplifies the frontal, side and bottom installation, especially on wooden structures and other flat surfaces. The positive properties of the junction box are retained: The medium pipe can still be replaced without damaging the wall via the box body.

The junction box also has a movable foot, which is newly provided with a larger sealing surface to the box body, which improves the sealing and connection between the foot and the box body. The grey colored foot is compatible with the systems JRG Sanipex and JRG Sanipex MT, iFIT and INSTAFLEX.

Both of the two systems, JRG Sanipex (d12 / 16 / 20mm) and iFIT (d16 / 20mm) are extended by another single socket with a ½" extension thread extended by 20 mm, which means the installer no longer needs to perform the tedious hemping and screwing in of a separate thread extension. The additional sealing point is eliminated.

In the future, the multiple sockets will also use the new type of box body and have a universal protective pipe guide that fits all standard dimensions (d12/16/20 mm).

The enhanced junction box

  • Easy installation
  • Practical extension
  • Compatible foot for all systems: JRG Sanipex, JRG Sanipex MT, iFIT and INSTAFLEX
Transparent and completely pre-assembled formwork box

In addition to the optimised box, JRG Sanipex introduces an advanced formwork box for its 40th anniversary. This is new and made of transparent plastic. As a result, the protective and medium pipes are clearly visible, so that the insertion depth can be checked at any time.

The formwork boxes are completely pre-assembled when delivered. The nails for fixing the boxes on the formwork are already placed at the attachment points, so that they can no longer be lost. These just have to be hammered in.

A major benefit of the formwork box is the universal TPE sealing sleeve. It encloses inserted sleeve pipe of all dimensions (d12/16/20 mm). The complex mounting of reductions or coupling sleeves is no longer necessary. Unused outlets are still protected by a molded plastic closure. The formwork box is available with one or nine outgoing feeders.

On the opposite side of the inlets there are centrings on the outgoing feeders. These can be drilled if necessary, which allows the protective pipes also to be offset by 180° from the main direction.

The optimised formwork box

  • Single and nine-fold version
  • No d12 and 20 mm adapters or reductions are needed
  • Mounting completely pre-assembled
  • for all systems: JRG Sanipex, JRG Sanipex MT, iFIT and INSTAFLEX
  • suitable for stud and thread screws

JRG Sanipex

Nostalgic journey

Presented for the first time as a world premiere at the HILSA (International Trade Fair for Building Services) in 1978, JRG Sanipex is still "Forever young" and is an indispensable part of the market. Here are a few impressions from the beginnings of JRG Sanipex.

Product catalogue

JRG Sanipex Produktkatalog
JRG Sanipex

System brochure

JRG Sanipex Broschüre
JRG Sanipex

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