Ball Valve 546 - The Original

If it has to be safe and reliable. Competence without compromise.

The GF Piping Systems range of ball valves provides solutions for every application. From simple shut-off valves to fully automated valves, GF Piping Systems has it all. Even for very demanding processes, you will find the perfect valve for your requirements. User-friendly, precise, reliable, flexible and safe – these features come first for our products.

Ball Valve 546 - The Original
Better with the original
Ball Valve 546 Video

This wouldn´t have happened with the original. Benno and Enno are taking a trip – take a look – simply start the film and have fun.

Modular and varied

A suitable system for each application

The ball valve type 546 meets every challenge. Due to its variety in materials (in PVC-U, PVC-C, ABS, PP-H and PVDF) it is the ideal valve for use in highly complex chemical processes or standard water applications.

Its modular design makes it easy to handle. Flexibility, universal automation options and maximum process reliability.

Perfect in every detail
Kugelhahn 546 Details

This industrial ball valve offers you unconditional safety. Special design features ensure high reliability and durability. For instance, there are no metal components that are vulnerable to medium exposure, which could corrode during use. A designed stem break point prevents catastrophic failure in the case of wear or over torquing. Two stem seals provide multiple fail safe points, providing maximum protection against valve leakage.

GF Ball Valve Labeling
GF Ball Valve Labelling

With the GF Ball Valve Labeling system you can now easily identify your ball valves within your piping system with clear labeling. Whether to comply with standards or for more clarity, you can now decide how your ball valves are labeled.


  • Increased safety for piping system and operator by labeling according to standards
  • Improved efficiency of operation and maintenance
  • Customised system identification


  • For GF Ball Valve Types 546, 523, 543 und 547
  • Lever clip material: SAN
  • Print sheet DIN A4: Polymer foil

Product features

  • UV-, weather- and chemical resistant
  • Can be labeled with laser printers or by hand

Download here the latest documents and templates for the GF Ball Valve Labeling:

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