A shared corporate culture is the basis for overall sustainable development and is becoming increasingly important with the spread of internationalization. Corporate Management conveys and implements the fundamental corporate values throughout the company, thereby nurturing and fostering this corporate culture.

GF Piping Systems

Focus on the essence

The five core values of Georg Fischerare being shared and lived up to at all levels. Shared values help to focus on the essence:

We put customers first

  • We treat customers the same way we wish to be treated
  • We constantly bear customers in mind
  • We constantly measure ourselves against customer satisfaction

We act fast

  • We do not procrastinate on decisions
  • We promptly adapt ourselves to market realities
  • We quickly address our deficiencies

We do what we say

  • We keep our promises
  • We meet our deadlines
  • We reach our objectives

We reward performance

  • We have ambitious goals
  • We celebrate achievements, not only in monetary terms
  • Promotions are clearly linked to performance
  • We benchmark ourselves against the best

We respect people

  • We value each and every contribution
  • We try to understand before being understood
  • We trust and empower our collaborators