Vision & Strategy

GF Piping Systems develops, produces and markets a comprehensive range of piping systems and components in a variety of materials used worldwide to transport water, gases and aggressive media. Delivery of the products – whether fittings, valves, measurement and control technology, pipes or jointing technologies – is always fast, flexible and dependable.



GF Piping Systems will by 2020 shift portfolio to higher value business and products. The division will differentiate by providing their customers a unique set of valuable integrated solutions and services to address their water conservation needs.


  • Strengthen the existing market segment organization
  • Link the innovation process to identified customer needs
  • Expand the global presence and adapt the footprint
  • Shift portfolio to higher value businesses and service
We put customers first
GF Values - We put customers first

  • We treat customers the same way we wish to be treated
  • We constantly bear customers in mind
  • We constantly measure ourselves against customer satisfaction


We act fast
GF Values - We act fast
  • We do not procrastinate on decisions
  • We promptly adapt ourselves to market realities
  • We quickly address our deficiencies
We do what we say
GF Values - We do what we say
  • We keep our promises
  • We meet our deadlines
  • We reach our objectives
We reward performance
GF Values - We reward performance
  • We have ambitious goals
  • We celebrate achievements, not only in monetary terms
  • Promotions are clearly linked to performance
  • We benchmark ourselves against the best
We respect people
GF Values - We respect people
  • We value each and every contribution
  • We try to understand before being understood
  • We trust and empower our collaborators