COOL-FIT has been specifically designed to offer real added-value in the design, construction and operation of a secondary cooling loop. Two versions of COOL-FIT are available, namely COOL-FIT ABS Plus (cemented) and COOL-FIT 2.0/4.0 (PE welded). To support engineering calculations, such as pipe dimensioning, energy loss etc. two separate and free of charge calculation tools are available.

Cooling Tools

COOLING Calculation Tool

for COOL-FIT ABS and ABS Plus

The COOL-FIT calculation tool allows you to calculate all the pipe system parameters important for cooling, such as pressure loss, heat emission, contraction and temperature loss.


for COOL-FIT 2.0 and 4.0

The Tool-Box allows calculation and comparison of many important Design criteria, such as; pressure drop, heat loss, etc. For full access to all calculations the user needs to register.

Tool-Box Registration for Full Version

The initial download version to does not allow access to all calculations. To receive the complete version a simple registration is required. You will receive automatically a Password that then allows you access to to the complete tool.


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All about cooling

All about cooling

When industrial plants are considered in their entirety, secondary cooling plays a decisive role in terms of efficiency and sustainability.

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As a contribution to the worldwide initiative to reduce CO2 emissions and environmental impact, GF Piping Systems brings a revolution to efficient cooling.

The revolution for efficient cooling