New e-Diastar from GF Piping Systems: Simply automate without compressed air

23 oct. 2019 16:00

The growing demand for plant automation means that even valves which are isolated or not accessible for a compressed air system have to be automated. The electric diaphragm valve e-Diastar from GF Piping Systems reduces time-consuming manual operations within the system: hand operated valves can be retrofitted quickly, easily and without disassembly. Thanks to an all-plastic design, the electric diaphragm valve is durable and needs little maintenance even with aggressive and abrasive media. Hence, it ensures short downtimes and lower maintenance costs.

Elektrisches Membranventil DN 50

The e-Diastar allows the introduction of quick, low cost and simple automation in systems in which compressed air is not available for pneumatic actuators and retrofitting would be too expensive. A power connection and control signals are enough. Its variety of interfaces facilitates integration into existing process control systems. "The new electric valve generation offers an economical and flexible alternative to be able to use the right valve regardless of the existing peripherals", says Adrian Schwyzer, Global Market Segment Manager Water Treatment at GF Piping Systems. Water treatment is, besides the chemical process industry, one of the most important areas of application. The e-Diastar offers high economic efficiency and operational safety for the process automation.

  • Automation without compressed air: The electric diaphragm valve e-Diastar allows quick and simple automation of systems that do not contain a compressed air system or in which it could not be installed with reasonable effort. Previously installed manual diaphragm valves can be retrofitted quickly and easily without disassembly.
  • 100% reliable: The electric diaphragm valve is based on the successful manual diaphragm valve from GF Piping Systems, which has been an established standard for aggressive and abrasive media for the past ten years and in more than 100 countries. Thanks to the all-plastic design, it is less maintenance-intensive than conventional diaphragm valves.
  • Quicker and simpler installation: The valve and housing are made of plastic and are therefore considerably lighter than the solutions that metal actuators placed on the valve. The valve can be installed without additional supports or other static adjustments. Furthermore, previously installed manual diaphragm valves can be retrofitted quickly and easily without disassembly.
  • Available digital interfaces and accessories: The electric diaphragm valve can be integrated into the process control system quickly and easily via Modbus or Profibus. A fail-safe return unit in case of a power failure or a positioner for continuous control are available as accessories.
  • 100 % self-cleaning: Thanks to its design and highly precise manufacturing, the electric diaphragm valve has no dead spots but always rinses itself. This makes it excellently suited for media rich in particles. The valve always remains free of debris and thus ensures a constant and reliable process.
  • Long service life even with abrasive media: Electrically operated ball valves, which have often been used until now for lack of suitable options, are subject to early wear with abrasive media and become leaky. The electric diaphragm valve was created especially for this type of application and continues to work reliably for a long time as on day one.

"The electric diaphragm valve is the logical further development of a proven-in-practice and globally successful product line," says Philipp Kleinbruckner, Product Manager for Automation at GF Piping Systems. "It is based on tried and tested valve ranges. The adjustment requirements for automated applications that demand precise dosing are extremely low." Learn more about this new product here.


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