Braubeviale 2019: System solutions for efficient and safe beverage production

12 nov. 2019 09:00

In beverage production, corrosion-related leaks, pipe fractures and valve failures are still not uncommon. For operators, they lead to expensive production stoppages, increased maintenance costs and avoidable losses of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products. GF Piping Systems, the global expert for plastic piping systems, is presenting the alternative at BrauBeviale 2019 in Nuremberg: Corrosion-free plastic system solutions that are maintenance-free and durable. They can make a decisive contribution to increasing efficiency and safety.


"In many areas of beverage production, it is now possible to switch to modern plastic systems," says Markus Kerger, Market Segment Manager Cooling at GF Piping Systems (Germany). Plastic piping systems are corrosion-free, thus significantly less susceptible to leakage, and last as long as the installation itself, at least 25 years. They thus offer beverage producers the opportunity to benefit from innovative materials and technologies in order to increase the cost-effectiveness of new and existing installations.

The system solutions from GF Piping Systems are particularly suitable for process cooling, such as precisely controlled fermentation and ripening processes, air-conditioned storage, cleaning and disinfection of the production installation and water treatment. Kerger: "The production of beverages must be hygienically flawless and economical. Plastic systems also eliminate the risk of failures due to corrosion damage and allow process and employee efficiency to be optimized through the increasing digital integration of their components."

The plastic systems from GF Piping Systems are capable of covering applications in the temperature range from -50°C to +140°C. The wide assortment of transition fittings allows easy and safe connection to metal systems. The corresponding drinking water and foodstuffs approvals are available. Learn more about our focus products at the Braubeviale 2019 here.

"Thanks to their significantly better carbon dioxide balance compared with metal systems and the reliable protection of the environment and drinking water from chemicals released, plastic systems also make it easier to comply with increasing environmental regulations," says Philipp Schneller, Head of the Industry Business Unit at GF Piping Systems (Germany). "The installation itself is permanently aesthetically pleasing and therefore also attractive for breweries, wineries and other production facilities with show production or customer visits." Learn more about our solutions for the food and beverage production here.


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