Whether it's water or aggressive media, metal or plastic, low or high pressure and flow rates, clean or dirty media, the GF ultrasonic flowmeters are suited for precise, non-contacting flow rate measurement across all sectors. They are easy to install and configure. For this reason, they are well suited for numerous applications – from industrial process technology and chemical processes with aggressive media to applications with ultrapure water in microelectronics or pharmaceutical industry. Metering processes in public swimming pools and cooling systems to industrial or municipal water and wastewater treatment systems.

Simple installation

GF Ultrasonic flowmeters are compact with a large display that is clear and easy to read. They can even be used on small systems, making them highly versatile. The clamp-on principle makes installation easy. The devices can become operational in minutes – even during ongoing production. Opening of the piping system, intervention of the production process and the use of trained specialists are not necessary.

Maintenance-free measurement

GF Ultrasonic flowmeters work virtually maintenance-free and provide accurate measurement results for years. Frequent cleaning or other maintenance tasks now belong to the past. Readjustment of the flowmeters is, over the normative required calibrations, not necessary.

Maximum availability

GF Ultrasonic flowmeters do not come into contact with the flow medium and have no mechanical parts that are subjected to stress during measurement. Hence, maximum availability of the measurement and proper operation of the production process are assured, even in cases involving aggressive media, abrasion or high pressures.

Suitable for all dimensions

GF ultrasonic flowmeter is suitable for all dimensions from d13 to d2000, and is largely independent of the medium, piping material and installation site.

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