Our plastic piping solutions for cooling applications are the result of years of pioneering innovation, providing owners and operators of data centers with a quicker set-up and more efficient and reliable operation during the entire service life of their projects.

High energy efficiency

Our piping solutions can help to reduce average energy cost by 25%, thanks to the low thermal conductivity of our factory pre-insulated pipes, valves, and fittings.

Fast and easy installation

Our solutions can reduce up to 50% of the installation time. Depending on the application, off-site prefabrication can be added to our fast jointing technologies methods (electrofusion, socket fusion and cementing).

100% maintenance-free

The systems are maintenance-free for 25 years, vapor-tight and resistant to weather and UV. This reduces the maintenance requirements and running costs of the cooling system and ensures reliable operation.

Full solution delivery

Get support during all project phases, from engineering calculations during the design of the project to proper installation of our products and prefabricated components on the project site.

High environmental contribution

Over their entire service life, plastic systems have a carbon dioxide balance that is 80% lower than that of metal systems and are also fully recyclable. This increases the energy efficiency of your system and also makes an important contribution to the environment.

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